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  • To not play the game you have to stay out of everything God gives you, and you cannot sin, otherwise you automatically are entered in. i am truly sorry that it has to be such a black and white choice, but God really does not want to send you anywhere but paradise. I am willing to go so far that God will not even be happy when he finally throws satan in the lake of fire. God probably still feels pain from the day Lucifer(satan) went and sinned, if I recall that was one of God's angels.
    God is not being conceited by asking for forgiveness, He is being righteous. It is the only way, we are not perfect, He is. We need to want to be forgiven for it, otherwise we are being evil in our heart. If you went and stabbed a good friend in the back and you lost that friend, is it conceited for that friend to want you to ask for forgiveness before rebuilding that relationship? I think it is understandable that the friend wants to know you want to rebuild the relationship that you had.
    God did not create us flawed, but He made us in His image, He made us so we could have a relationship with him(yeah, probably means God was a little lonely. He went so far to make a friend suitable for Adam). But for us to have a relationship with God we would have to have a free will. God did not make us flawed, He made us much like Him, actually the only beings whoever got this luxury. God then had one rule, because he did not want us to sin. He said no to eating one fruit. Eve and Adam may have been tempted by the serpent, but it was their choice either way.
    So no, I do not believe we were made flawed, because God is not flawed. We have free will but made the wrong choice.
    Jesus was even tempted to mess up, but He didnt

    That is where I know it can be hard to get pass, it seems like God says you are on my side or else. But that isnt how it is exactly. Yes it is definately heaven or hell without a doubt, but that is only because if God let someone who was not flawless into heaven he would have basically been sinning, God cannot do that. If God could find a way to let everyone in to heaven he would. The best thing He could do that would be holy and give EVERYONE the chance is to have a perfect sacrifice, to have something that wouldnt cover up the sin, but erase it instead. So Him and His Son decided what to do(all this was probably on that first day after the two had sinned) and when the soonest time that the human race would be able to accept it in their hearts.
    Ok, then I dont mind answering them(sorry for asking, just wanted to be sure)

    God could never repair humanity with it still being humanity. He did give His best efforts by washing all of those who were unholy back in Noah's time(the people then were way past what would even be acceptable by any morals, it wasnt that they just didnt believe in God that had them all die) God wiped out all but Noah's family, in hopes that the righteousness of them would be passed down, but humans still drifted off into their own ways. But think of sin more this way,

    A man was a drunk, he spent every afternoon at the bar. His wife was a drunk too. They had a little boy, this boy was raised by his parents and was always around his parents, drunk or not. Now because this boy's parents were both drunks does it mean the boy has to be. No. Does it mean he is likely to become one. Yes. The boy was raised with it and by some people's argument, it was in his genes. But he still could go his life without picking up a drink.
    Just the same how you could have two parents who never picked up a drink, but have a son who went to rehab by the time he was 12 for a drinking problem.
    That is how sin is, it is still your choice.
    I am not avoiding the question, but I just want to know if these are your true questions, or do you just want to prove me wrong? Sorry, I just know it it is the second this will just be an argument where no one really wins
    It was just a small scale of the same concept, i know what you mean though

    The fact that He is perfect means He cannot just let sin slide without the proper punishment. I know it does seem harsh, but thats to today's standard, where we have decided to just let things slide if they dont seem big.
    So you know God never gave these flaws to humans, he created Adam and Eve without sin. They sinned on their own, and passed it down. ( I am sure this will bring up free will, so I will say this now. You have the choice to sin or not, but it is likely that you will sin at least once because of the examples around you, so far only Jesus has gone without sin.)
    But God made Humans without sin, but we went and broke his one and only rule deeming us unworthy. So I would compare this more to, not practicing, eating junk, and knowing what is on the line and then having to face what you knew was coming.

    The God you are thinking of would be all loving, but not righteous or perfect. It truly does pain God to see us turn our backs on him
    Why cant you be forgiven? That is a good question, I will give you the explanation I was told through a more modern day example.
    At a college one professor had this strict rule: If you were caught cheating you were expelled, no exceptions. The students knew this rule by heart. Well one student needed a passing grade, desperately. He cheated. He thought he got away with it, but then later he was called to te office, his dad was already there. He walked slowly, thinking of any way out. He reached the office, and the professor looked troubled, his father looked disappointed. The professor told him he was caught and expelled. The student begged for a second chance. His dad looked at him and said to stop it. That he knew the rules, the punishment and that the teacher could not make an exception, even though it was just one time. The professor could not give him a second chance, the student knew this rule and broke it and didnt realize the mistake until the punishment was taken place.
    The professor did not want to expel the student, just as God doesnt want us to go to Hell. God gave us our rules and told us the punishment, but God actually went the extra mile, He gave us the perfect sacrifice, Jesus, to pay for it all.
    But God cant forgive us after we are punished, just how the professor couldnt forgive the student after he broke the rule.

    for proof of God here is a reference http://www.gotquestions.org/proof-of-God.html

    You said you were lacking the evidence, just want you to hear the 'Christian' side of it, I think I can find a couple more links
    God is perfect and righteous, He cannot tolerate the smallest sin, it is sin and the only righteous punishment is eternal damnation. If you went by human standards there are many good people, but God must hold everyone to the real standard, which is humanely impossible to keep. It isnt so much the lack of faith, it is that you are a sinner(like everyone else including me) and something needs to to pay for what you have done. Which is where Jesus comes into play.
    God can do that, and I would love to explain why He doesnt, but for both of our sakes I will check out what there is to say on that topic first, I dont want to mislead you, sorry. I will explain it the best I can once I know more of what to say.

    He is all loving, and He wants everyone saved, thats why he sent down Jesus to pay for our mistakes. But he is also righteous and without fault, he cannot send someone to heaven if they havent accepted his Son as savior. He does want everyone saved though, He loves everybody, and He really does want to see everyone in Heaven.
    Thanks. I should have my post ready by late tomorrow, but I can't be sure. Don't worry about being lazy I know how that is.
    Before I post I have a quick question. Would it be alright if the Admiral recognizes Ian, and has worked wiht him in the past?
    Be that his it may, it is going to take a lot of firepower no matter what, and if the chimeras have armored skin normally, it is going to be supremely resistant to firepower of any type when skyscraper size.
    Guess it was too much to ask for a quiet relocation. Ah well, it'll be fun to see how Obsidian's handle themselves against Colossus and Master Chimeras. Would love to see Herman's face should that happen when BA and the UN duke it out.
    Looks like he made an edit, but if it's not to your satisfaction, let me know.

    You're right, more psychic wouldn't have made a difference, as dark is completely resistant against it.
    I guess that is one way of dealing with C4's. I laughed at that actually. Should be funny to see the counter response.
    Way to seperate Herman from the almost totally evil UN by showing mercy, but I do not think that his superiors would be too happy about that if they ever found out about it.
    Oh, and I plan on adding a bit more to that second message Jacob accidentally sent, so if you were thinking of writing a bit on that, you may want to relook at the edit. Actually, I'll go do that now.
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