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  • Actually, I am curious. Did Herman lose everyone but Aztec 7, and what exactly is his opinion of Black Alpha and Chimeras?
    *facepalm* You know, when I read your post and saw that you let the craft wobble, I initially thought that (the aura thing) then promptly forgot. I doubt that she would try that again as she wouldn't be that stupid, so expect option two then. Would be funny to read Herman's reaction if he saw Aura Mortars flying at her (lol Aura Mortars, think I may use that in my fic at some point).
    And to think, Tranquility isn't even back up yet either. I'm pretty sure an Aura. . . whatever boosted Psychic will bypass the dark problem. If that doesn't work, a hail mary's worth of aura sphere's are heading your way. Cheers! :D

    Also, not sure it was clear, but the extra wave of fury Jacob felt was because somehow he knows you were the one who fired the rocket and his heading for you. Not sure if you're character is preoccupied with the other Double Team clones, but it was meant to suggest your next.
    Or have both turn darker. I think you may have ticked Tranquility off to the point where her fight-free nature crumbles to dust.
    I. . . hate. . . you. I guess I should have figured the UN would have been prepared. Also, it seems you left a bit of wiggle room for Tranquility to live; however, I could be wrong. So should I have her KIA or seriously injured? Oh, and do I have a surprise for you. ;)
    Just dropping by to say: you are a gentleman and a scholar for your impeccable work in this post.

    I got a good giggle out of that, and it's also painfully true. Keep on doing what you do, you shining star of justice.
    Throwing a twist on your post, since I never intended the Sandwyrm's as burrowers, but as swimmers like the sandfish IRL. Also, I did state there was more than one, so you'll have to kill or drive off the others before the threat is 'neutralized'. If you want the Hyper Beam to hit something, that's up to you.
    Eh... it would be a lot to track and update honestly...

    We really don't need to micromanage it on that kind of level.
    Yikes. D: I can usually finish an entire game, until either A) they shut down their server, or B) I quit from bored. : D

    Well, I felt REALLY stupid after doing this, but eh. I was playing 2Fort, as usual, and I was healing another Medic. Suddenly, the message appears that the Medic I was healing captured the intelligence...when we were on the other side of the map. So I shout over the mic "HOLY SLAG I'VE BEEN HEALING A SPY FOR THE PAST FIVE MINUTES." And everyone lauged at me. : D BOY I FELT SMART.
    I know right? D:
    That and the disconnections. Pffft, stupid Live. That and the morons...

    Though, I can join the ranks of the morons for what I did last week, haha. :x
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