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  • You still looking for an seviper? i can give you one for a Bulbasaur..... Do you think you can breed me one? Ill give you A seviper for one(or a level80+ hitmomlee) plz pm me my fc for platinum is 1335-0087-5997 =) plz pm me
    Ahh...Well heres an idea, ill take my four pokemon, and you take those four pokemon and we'll have a lvl 100 battle. we arent actually going to battle but during it i want you too check the Stats of the pokemon with there levels at lvl 100 and type them down and PM me what they are.
    lvl 100 Adamant Galade EV'd , Adamant Swampert EV'd , EV'd Modest Togekiss EV'd Adamant Snorlax , can u change there nick name ?
    yup all 4 for them , hitmontop in hp and attck , entei in attck and speed , metagross speed and attck ,and cresselia in hp defence sp defence
    I don't think I will use Shroomish. Breloom is Fighting type, I don't need two fighting types.

    Maybe an Adamant Nincada (for an Adamant Ninjask)
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    hey do you still need any of those EV'd pokes? I'm lookin for Ash's pika, and a good natured/IV'd 13th movie Celebi- or even one of the crowned beasts you may have;
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