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  • Did you here? around five o'clock AM today, the boys one again! right now we're in the 300s, going strong!
    Saturn yelled, “Alakazam, use Attract on that Zorua!”

    The Alakazam tweaked his mustache, then sang out with a Spanish accent, “Ah, senorita, your beauty calls my from across the sea ~”

    He only got that far before Zora hit him with a Night Slash. The Alakazam landed on his rear end, hard.

    “What happened?” he mumbled. “My Attract move works on all ladies…”

    “I already like somebody else, and he’s a lot nicer than you!” Zora retorted.

    After hearing this, Infernape grinned, and looked at Scraggy. “Hey, little brother, looks like you got a chance!”

    Scraggy’s face flushed. “Shut - up.”

    Infernape just grinned some more. “I’d have to say, bro, you’re a lucky guy. She’s a nice girl.”

    Infernape shut up when Gardevoir glared at him.
    Certainly...unfotunately, even though I've been storing the story in my head, and have been working on it for two years in there, I only STARTED writing the prologue three days ago. However, I could send you excerpts from later on in the story right now. And I'll tell you when it's posted. =)
    ...Then screw me. I will personally give an Extrasensory Zorua to the person who meets all the conditions, I report them, then I find out that they're good.
    Alrighty, then, Spambots 101. Spambots are really annoying machines that computer geeks rig up to automatically make accounts at forums like these to advertise websites in their signatures and stuff like that. Unfortunately, SPPF is infested with the buggers, so I've officially declared war on them.

    Ways to spot a spambot:

    1) They have really weird names like "kgrdgsyugqfll".

    2) they usually claim to be male and their favorite Pokemon is Abomnasnow.

    3) Have advertisments in their signatures.

    Of course, it's possible that none of these conditions are met, but it can still be a spambot. But these conditions are real factors into figuring out the identity.
    Hope it helps!

    -Lord Zoroark
    Pretty sneaky... I'll forgive you this one time.

    Eh, I don't think it has anything to do with that. Some people just want to be recognized. All they have to really do is just post around and just hope they say something super-special-awesome that'll get them recognized.
    o_O Well, it's rather deceptive. I didn't know you could do that.

    BUT STILL >:p. *gives you a look*
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