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  • ... You know, I never got into the Heroes series, but I can see why anything on/based on TV would be more successful than one of my original RPGs, it's just obvious. My current RPG is looking a bit slow, so sure, I'll repost the latest version.

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    Aha! I knew it! Deep Thought was wrong after all!

    Wait... If Deep Thought was wrong, then the whole program must be wrong...

    Looks like the mice wasted their money.
    This one time, I was in the matrix and my black friend Morpheus was saying some BS about machines and the one. I saw this hot chick in a red dress. Morpheus caught me and told me to look at her again... I did but the chick turned into HUGO WEAVING!!! OMG!
    So did Neo come out the closet?
    Plz up ur redin skeel

    BUT. What I do NOT want, is someone who just posts and is going to be all no pokemon have sex and the only reason this is how it was said in the games was to keep it for little kids!
    i know how you feel, i always chose fire types as well, but chimchar was too much like torchic, thusly i went with turtwig. though it was weird not having a fire type on the team, but medicham filled in quite nicely.
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