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  • Haha, me too! (Although I didn't fall out of my chair like you did. I was already on the floor. XD)
    The toon monsters were awesome. Blue Eyes Toon Dragon cracked me up when Pegasus/Alister traded him in for Toon Dark Magician Girl. Yu-gi-oh! was a very good anime in my opinion. :3
    Ooh, the Magician of Black Chaos is awesome! :3

    I also like the Dark Paladin, too. Heck, ANY form of the Dark Magician is awesome! :D
    Ah, thank you very much. I actually saw the episode when Kaiba and his brother got turned to stone at my friend's house. I cried. :'(
    Wow. Seriously? It must've killed the guy to do Valon's accent (Which reminds me, is Valon supposed to be British or Australian? I could never figure that out.). Who is he?

    What about Series 3? (I missed a lot of episodes from that one. We had lost our cable at that point. :( )
    I HATED that arc. Sure, Valon and Rafael were pretty cool, but that arc was just messed up. I cried when Mai beat Joey. How could she do that?

    Are you rich? JK XD
    Wait, they changed Mai's voice? I never noticed that. ^^;

    I liked Serenity beacuse she's kinda like me: Shy and naive. :D
    Ugh, I can't stand Weevil. He's really ugly and creepy. XP

    Eh, I'm indifferent to Tea. I love Mai and Serenity, though.
    I actually like everybody except Tristan, but Bakura, Joey, Kaiba, Yami, and Duke are my absolute faves. :D
    Your request is posted in SD~
    Answer me in my profile couse, if you don´t do that, I can´t read you xDD
    Hope you like it :3
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