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  • As a result of inactivity between October 22 and the time of this message, your claim on Riolu on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    It's pretty amazing when YGOTAS seems even saner than the brief clips of the series that I remember after Battle City. I think I had a nightmare about it involving the YGO 4Kids theme, Kaiba and clowns.
    Yes, it is really surprising to find YuGiOh fans who'd go to the extent of naming themselves after a fanservicey card aswell. Not that I hate YGO or anything, I watched most of Duel Monsters before they went into the Battle City arc, but afterwards the edits and insanity became even more apparent.
    Ah, it's just that I knew another Dark Magician Girl (AKA DMGirl) on a bunch of boards both public and private, including the Pokemon Black board.
    Say, by any chance do you go by the name of DMGirl on GameFAQs?
    That is, if you go on the site at all~?
    You read right about the article. The problem was that the dude who made the article didn't state any kind of source and may have seen Dragon Ball Online's story guide and reported it as a new series, seeing as how it involves time travel and shows game characters posing with the series' characters.
    Lol, Hi there! Its kind of funny, I love the song Breaking the Habit, Katara is my favorite character in Avatar and Dark Magician Girl is my favorite Yu-gi-oh character (besides the dark magician himself). Therefore you = awsome. I assume you added me because you are an eevee fan and you saw my epicly cute profile picture :3. (not to mention the awesome Umbreon EX avatar compliments of serebii). Well its always nice to makes to make new friends. So pleased to meetcha' you can call me Jim, TUM, or some people call me Umby. :D

    Cya around :)
    You mean in the 4th Gen section? That's because for some reason people won't read the rules and post in the wrong section (also recieving a warning/infraction).
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