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    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    Fairy Tail -> Ep. 110/? The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -> Ep. 5/26 Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle S1. -> Ep. 11/26 Clannad: After Story -> Ep 3/22 Full Metal Panic -> Ep.12/24
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    Fairy Tail

    Ultear will be the one to give them the power-up. Lots of fans trash this idea of a power up, but I find it acceptable if the pain they would experience was the equivelent of all the pain they would've experienced while training in the last three months crammed into 5 seconds.
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    Are Pokemon designs really getting uglier each Gen?

    It depends on personal opinion and taste. If they look cool and poke-like to you, there's nothing more to it. However, if you want to go technical - the desings has changed alot, with each gen bringing new and innovative ideas forth. It's only because of the sentiment old fans have for the...
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    What Things Do You Absolutely Love?

    The list of things I absolutley love goes as follows: ~> My religion ~>The entire feline species - there beauty is as striking as there ability to eliminate there pray and get what the want! ~> Anime's and cartoons - Fairy Tail, Avatar the Last Airbender ect ~> Writing - Mostly fantasies...
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    General anime questions thread!

    I just recently started watching Fairy Tail, and I'm hooked - it's really insane! However, since I'm not far into the series yet and have a impatiently curious personality, I'm wondering about Lucy Heartfilia...Isn't she -as one of the female protoganists- supposed to be one of the strongest...
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    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    I've recently finished Cardcaptors Sakura, and am now watching Fairy Tail - so far, so insane!
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    My best dreams is when my crush's somehow my bf... Anyway, last night before I went to sleep, I chatted with a friend about if one day I had to once again walk home if my parents can't pick me up, I drop by her house, and in my dream, I rode the schoolbus I think to a certian point, and there I...
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    Claim A Celebrity Thread, v9.0

    Solo Artist / Band --- Rihanna --- Darkmagiciangirl --- 27/09/11 Edit: Ty Raimon!
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    [Official] Claim A Movie/TV Show Thread v3.0

    tv show Cardcaptor Sakura - Darkmagiciangirl -27/09/11
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    My parents are divorced so I'm synical when it comes to such things, plus in today's time there's not much that survive due to the demands of society. Plus I don't need one, I can stand on my own to feet
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    I once had a premonition sort of dream..the one night I dreamt about a forthnightly magazine coming out, and the next day, it was on sale...so I dunno if my brain memorized the date for when the next one would be released and the night before dreamt about it...
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    addicted to the internet?

    I'll sum it up for you: I do have school, sport and a part-time job, but between all that my father doesn't want me to get a internet cable to my room, because then he'll never see me, so...that should say enough of the time I spent on the internet /guilty
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    Card Captor Sakura General Shipping Discussion

    I really loved it when Syaoran started getting all blushy around Sakura who's totally clueless. But I loved it when they got together in the end, they were just too cute! Even though I don't think of it as a romantic shipping, I grew fond of the friendship between Sakura and Eriol. I feel...
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    WTF Shippings

    I suppose JetxAzula from Avatar the Last Airbender is pretty WTF to me, but hey, that's imagination for ya'