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  • I tried to raise a Monferno for the laughs in Diamond a while back.

    It failed!

    I remember the failure to this day. Also, Monferno is ugly.

    Plus Infernape stole Blaziken's rap, which is uncool.

    I thus possess a hatred of the Chimchar family. I know they're tough, but still.
    If only it did things like replace images with varying images of pikachu. Along with replacing videos, and their sound files with pikachu noises and videos. God, it would be fun to watch people go crazy, clicking a link, and ending up on a pikafied page XD
    Oh yeah yeah I totally agree with all that. It is difficult to talk about this stuff since many arguments are generalizations. lol

    It's okay. I don't want to come off as Zomg everybody gamez lol
    Oh, I see. I really didn't mean to sound like that. I was just getting tired of people posting "NANNYSTATE" in that thread since I don't think it has much to do with the op's question. Yeah a large chunk of them will be regarded as immature but are they really any more immature than other adults? Some gamers do have families and lives.
    A challenger appears! i think it's a pretty silly meme.. or what about a cat doing
    Darkmammoth says hi.

    I believe in "saving myself" and religion isn't a factor in that. Turns out people like that do exist.
    Thank you for existing, sincerely. It's very heartening to know we share at least the same respectful views on the matter. Again, thank you. ^_^

    Take care~
    Sadly, you've laid out the problem for this fandom in general. D:

    Oh, well it's probably in the kids section if it's in the US LOL. XD
    Well I propose a Parallel anime version for older fans, in order to get more people into Pokemon and finally get rid of the "4Kids" connotations. @~@

    Well yeah, I only criticize the anime since it seriously needs to revamp it's hand-wash plotz. XD
    LOL yeah. XD
    He's quite the happy go lucky guy. @3@

    Is it any wonder then that most older fans who've read it are demanding an Anime Version? XDDDDD

    But yes, it's quite better than the very incremental maturity that the anime is showing in DPP. D:
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