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  • In all generations of Pokemon. There will ALWAYS be 2 staple pokemon for maximum training effect for the rest of your 4 or 3 pokemon in your party. Golduck/Feraligatr, and Tropius/Dragonite. Any combination of those 2 of the 4 will allow you use of the rest of your party without having to teach the useless HM moves to your actual pokemon.
    There are a few breeds that have intrigued me. Totodile with Ice Punch and Dragon Dance. First, yes, you would preferably want a Dragonite. Either in GBA or DS (Pre B&W for Platinum Move Tutor access using shards instead of Battle Points in SS&HG) you want your Dragonite with Dragon Dance since it's the only Dragon Breed pokemon that can also learn Ice Punch. There are 2 ways of obtaining a Totodile with these 2 moves, I will explain:

    Dragonite learn Dragon Dance both as Egg moves and leveling up, and can be tutured Ice Punch from: Emerald, Platinum, HeartGold and/or SoulSilver.
    Get a Smeargle to sketch Ice Punch, Dragon Dance, (any third attack you would like on Smeargle to chain), and finally Rage.
    Take the Smeargle and the Ditto (of desired nature for Totodile) into a double battle, make them target each other with Rage. This only has to occur for a few times, you can use any move from Smeargle to knock out Ditto after doing so. Ditto must get knocked out. (NOTE: This ONLY works in Platinum Version). Now you should have a Ditto with the same moveset as Smeargle. Breed Ditto with Female Totodile.
    Name any breedable pokemon, i can tell you the chain in which to have it with such desired moveset as lv1 (Depending on pokemon). Remember to Everstone the Ditto for desired Nature.
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