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Jan 24, 2015
Apr 24, 2005
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DarkPersian479 was last seen:
Jan 24, 2015
    1. DarkPersian479
      NOTICE: I will not be online here until further notice.

      DP479 out.
    2. cocoa_adele
      50,000 children have been abducted from southern uganda and a war is raging thats been going on for 23 years
      im ragin too; to raise awarness for the invisible children
    3. DANdotW
      How have you been? I feel like I haven't spoken to you for a long time.
    4. OddMewtwo
      thanx for the FR =)
    5. Frosted Heavens
      Frosted Heavens
      Don't worry, it's fine. Even though I was a bit psyched a showing Chapter 02 since it was much better than its previous version. So then, I hope the chapter will be ready in a few days, but if something comes up, give me a sign =D
    6. bobandbill
      Thanks. =) I'm not that sure either but that's how the votes went... I prefer Miror B to Tom anyways. =D

      And congrats to you too on your wins!
    7. asperger1981
      Are you going to writte any new story in the near future?
      If so, include Lisa in the project; one kinda take a liking to the little math-loving lassie and began to miss her as soon as the final chapter of your fic is read?
      don't you think?
    8. Griff4815
      Heh, that's fine. If you do decide to catch up, it shouldn't be too bad since I'm incredibly slow with posting chapters.
    9. Griff4815
      Hey. I'm not holding my hand out or anything, but I'm just curious if you're still reading my fic or not. If not, it's understandable. :P
    10. Haruka of Hoenn
      Haruka of Hoenn
      Hey! Sorry, I was sick :(
      IDK about my fic, I'll talk to you about that later. Bye!
    11. Bay
      It's all right. I've been busy too. -_- I guess it's because of Chapter 18 being a very long chapter, huh? XD;
    12. bobandbill
      If you won't reply, then this Ein sprite I found will make you! :P
    13. bobandbill
      We haven't talked for a while... how are things for you? Busy, I'll take it...
    14. katiekitten
      :DDDD Graaaaaaaaandmaaaaaaa! *lunges*-

      *is hit by brick* xD; Thaaaaank you, hun! X3
    15. Griff4815
      Copy/pasted from PC: Happy Birthday! Free tickets to Quality Inn all around!
    16. Air Dragon
      Air Dragon
      Yo, DP! Happy birthday, mate!

      So now you're ... err, 84, i guess you've pretty much seen and experienced it all. Hope you get to experince something fresh today!

    17. elyvorg
      Heh, I actually need to review 54 first. Though considering that I've just caught up on reviewing Griff's fic out of nowhere, that might actually happen before Tuesday.

      Thanks for the nomination, by the way. Best Plot is something I'm really happy about being nominated for, seeing as the plot is the thing I'm most pleased with about my fic.
    18. bobandbill
      Cheers for the nominations. :)

      *returns to studying his giant maths exams of doom*
    19. bobandbill
      Darn it, stop making me want to see the chapter all the more now! :P

      My next chapter is coming about too slowly. I've had some progress, but other things keep coming up for me.
    20. bobandbill
      You're going into the Pokemon world? ;) But I shall keep my eye out for the chapter. :)

      Programming error? Bugger. But unless you're mssing out on Miror B's salsa music, then it's probably no big loss... :P
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