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    Yeah, both of them being rivals would be good. I dunno, I'm even interesting in them bringing back one of Ash's League-only rivals, Harrison, for instance, as major rival.

    I'm still undecided on Iris, I'll see what she's like when I get to see a few episodes ;P

    Isn't Ash still 10 XD? I think it'd be an interesting twist if they had Iris travel along with Ash, but do Gym battles instead.
    Yeah, HGSS music's awesome. It had THE BEST Pokemon music to boot, the Lance/Red theme, that is :D

    So who's your favourite? I like Fire types quite a lot, myself - Charizard, Magmar/Magmortar, Blaziken, Houndoom and several others are simply awesome. I'm not too much of a Heatran fan though =/

    Hm..3 episodes might be a bit long. But hey, I love long and dramatic battles, so I've no problem with it.

    And yeah, Gary Oak definitely needs to return in all his awesomeness!
    lol Frieza's a girl. I think I remember that one XD

    Oh? That's no good, although I probably hadn't noticed it when it was changed o_O;

    I thought Pokemon had some different soundtracks in Japan? I've heard people complaining that they change it in the dub, though, personally, I really love the music!

    And yeah, Team Galactic's music is awesome. Team Rocket's, though, actually outdid it! Cyrus' theme in the games is probably the best piece of music in Sinnoh :D
    Yeah, I do have Tata Sky, so that's all good :D I agree though, the Hindi dub makes me cringe, facepalm and a multitude of other unpleasant things :p When I was small, one of the many reasons I'd always look forward to visiting my grandmom's house in Chandannagar was because there, the cable operator supplied CN (or Cartoon Network then xD) in English ^_^

    I've got all the movies, and I've been collecting episodes from Season 1 and 2, just because I was feeling nostalgic =) The movies are simple awesome though!

    Sir phodo? SIR PHODO? lolololol XD They couldn't have got something else, eh? But one can't blame them too much, I guess - it's a literal Hindi translation :/ And "aap"? Just gets better XP

    But they don't know the #1 rule in Pokemon! The plural of Pokemon isn't Pokemons! OK, that's a bit minor, but eh, the dub's probably worse as compared to when I was a kid.
    Mah team is Steelix/Flareon/Scizor/Huntail/Ludicolo/Weavile. I'm still training Sneasel and I need to evolve Onix, but otherwise, it's coming along well ^^

    And I'm totally into the anime, but I'm still stuck on what they're showing on CN. Wallace Cup lol. I've sort of decided to catch up with episodes on the net, but with all the stuff I'm busy with, I'm not getting time =/
    Ah, good fer you :D

    Anyway, now that I have Wi-fi, I'm having some fun training my Wi-fi team and trading for Pokemon. I even got my hands on a shiny Crown Suicune ^_^
    Oh ooops, dont even know what thread I'm in any more...def time for some sleep. Keep the peace going while I'm sleeping. Wow, that doesnt even make sense to me.
    Why thank you. I may just take that as a compliment. :)
    You don't do too bad yourself, if I may say. :)

    I am expecting full scans tonight, and it would appear from his update that Serebii is too. But they may not come tonight and it may be tomorrow or Wednesday. Worst comes to worse we just have to wait until the official site updates on Thursday (Japan time) when we get the hi-res stuff and I got into full on translation mode for a day or so.
    Yeah, I like those too along with Beyblade. Though I haven't watched DBZ in a while =/

    I believe CoroCoro comes out on the 14th or 15th, so yeah, leaks should be out even sooner than 3 days ;)
    Scary indeed XP *shudder*

    Well, I wouldn't really call myself a real Anime watcher =P. Just watch/have watched Pokemon, DBZ, Beyblade, etc. Y'know, stuff they show on CN. Maybe a few odd shows on Animax, but not regularly.
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