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  • Yeah, pretty much. Not confirmed, but I think what caused this was the last minute change to
    give the non-Ash battles in the Masters Tournament episodes after all.
    If so, then Team Kato should hopefully be back on their feet when the next series starts
    as they wouldn't have to worry about Journeys anymore as its production would be finished.
    The poster looks great. Now we wait to see what Pratt sounds like as Mario. xD

    So long story short, the fanbase was at it again: this time attacking Journeys' animators/staff with Twitter accounts
    for the recap episodes which caused one of them to snap and reveal that at the moment,
    Team Kato (the division of OLM that works on the anime) is currently understaffed and overworked.
    House of the Dragon 8/10. The scenes were too dark in the 1st half and found the whole funeral scenes unbearable. If it wasn't for that great finale, it would be a 6/10.
    So whoever said PM128 was the Project Mew finale was actually wrong. The episode is actually a Leon recap before the finals start.

    PM128 - Climax! The Night Before the Decisive Match: Ash VS Leon!! (Airs October 14th)

    The summary for PM128 says that there’ll be “exclusive breaking news” in it. Hmm… xD
    Celestial (from the upcoming games, Pokémon: Scarlet & Violet)
    Music and Lyrics by Ed Sheeran

    Lol, KG played MK8 with the others and got 1st place after giving them an
    early head start (much to Emi's sadness who was originally in 1st place before KG won xD).
    Yep, it's also gonna be interesting to see what everyone's teams are for competitive play.
    with these new Pokémon and the Terastal mechanic being able to change
    a Pokémon's type, it seems like almost anything will be fair game now.
    Since it's still in Gen 9's Pokédex and is still a viable competitive Pokémon,
    I still expect to see a Lucario here and there in some player's teams though. -____- xD
    WIglett seems to basically be a water-type DIglett xD
    Welp, just a little over a month until everyone begins their journey in Paldea.
    I'm guessing by October or November, we'll see some of the starters' evolutionary lines.
    Isn't Deadpool officially part of MCU now? That actually make me finally push myself to catch up with everything post-Endgame movie-wise lol
    The PokéPod World
    Session 163 - Social Media Rant/TPCi's Season 25 Press Release Error/PM126 - Go for Dream! Goh's Road to Mew!! Review
    I just feel for both brothers. One is dying by a disease surrounded by PoS' while the other one wanted to escape from politics and ended up losing the only woman he probably truly loved. Honestly, the transition was done masterfully and we got to see all sides in this mess.
    House of the Dragon 10/10
    Still haven't found time to watch Andor.
    And hooray for True Detective 4th season. I thought the series was over for good.
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