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Darkrai 888
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May 25, 2020 at 3:34 AM
Dec 13, 2013
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Darkrai 888

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Viewing member profile Alola Adventurer, May 25, 2020 at 3:34 AM
    1. NekiBlaze
      Huh, that's an even lower grade than Stuckmann's grade for the theatrical version of Alien 3 (he gave it a C). But I understand. I don't like that version much either. This one though, it's a very different movie (or at least if feels that way) the bulk of it is still the same (Newt and Hick still die, as does Ripley) but they just change the tone so much, add important scenes, change some minor things.
    2. NekiBlaze
      I feel like this version might grow on me if I watch it again. Shocking I know, but it's a considerable improvement over the theatrical version to me (even though Fincher himself had nothing to do with the Special Edition).
    3. NekiBlaze
      I'm rewatching it now. It's an hour long but great stuff.

      But yeah, I wanted to watch the Special Edition for a long time because I heard it's better and we own it.
    4. NekiBlaze
      Yeah LOL. You would have known about that if you had watched Stuckmann's and Matt Brando's review back in the day. Even my dad (who has never liked Alien 3) really liked this version.
    5. NekiBlaze
      Alien 3 Special Edition, B
    6. NekiBlaze
      No, I have not.
    7. NekiBlaze
      Could be.

      I see. It is pretty funny. But my favourite comedy is another Dan Aykroyd film :)
    8. NekiBlaze
    9. NekiBlaze
      1978. I know about the Gilderoy Lockhart remake. Surprised that Maggie Smith isn't in it (as a wink to the original) considering she and Branagh know each other from HP but oh well


      Yep!!! Reminded me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDSjnZqjdXo
    10. NekiBlaze

      Lois Chiles (Bond girl from Moonraker), Peter Ustinov, Mia Farrow, David Niven (who was Bond in the unofficial Casino Royale), Angela Lansbury (the mother from Mary Poppins) and.... McGonnagal!!!

      Yup LOL :)

      Was awesome to see the Ben Quadrinaros species again :)
    11. NekiBlaze
    12. NekiBlaze
      Ok? Shame because this was a fantastic episode. They did some things I never expected to see in just the 2nd episode.
    13. NekiBlaze
      Why is that? Would it be the same if it was a Pokemon episode?
    14. NekiBlaze
    15. NekiBlaze
      Digimon 9/10

      Check Wumbo when you can.
    16. NekiBlaze
      Pokemon, 8/10
    17. NekiBlaze
      I will do as I please.

      Victoria's son and her successor to the throne, Edward VII
    18. NekiBlaze
      Just saying.

    19. NekiBlaze
      Oh my goodness -_____- why are you like this lol. Think of all that money you spent on dustcatchers, could've gone to a charity.

      Eddie Izzard is great and Dumbledore is the prime minister lol
    20. NekiBlaze
      Really good! Standout imo. If you love The Crown, you're gonna like this one. Because it is also about the British Royal House of course, but also because it focuses on the stiff traditions and people wanting to keep the Royal House clean.
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