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Darkrai 888
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May 25, 2020 at 7:30 AM
Dec 13, 2013
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Darkrai 888

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Darkrai 888 was last seen:
May 25, 2020 at 7:30 AM
    1. NekiBlaze
      Partially. They used several cats but the real Bob is one of them. And the real singer whom the film is based on/author of the books has a really funny cameo at the end.
    2. NekiBlaze
      Yup. Very cute and heartwarming.
    3. NekiBlaze
      A Street Cat Named Bob, A-
    4. NekiBlaze
      Why are you in the mood to go all the way up to a theater like 2 times a week and watch a movie, but not in the mood to pop in a classic from your massive dvd collection you haven't seen yet? :/

      Yes, I liked it.

    5. NekiBlaze

      Ok. It's alright.

      Deadpool lol.
    6. NekiBlaze
      No movie huh?

      Green Zone, B+

      Definitely, Maybe, A-
    7. NekiBlaze
      You picked your movie yet?
    8. NekiBlaze
      Yeah, don't have that one sadly.
    9. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      It's kinda funny but now Tangled is only pretty much known for unfortunately sharing the kingdom's name with the Coronavirus rather than actually being a great franchise. -_____- xD

      Lol at Dawn accidentally triggering Brock by saying "Who needs a Pokémon Center?" and indirectly implying if there aren't any Pokémon Centers around, there won't be any Nurse Joys. xD
    10. NekiBlaze
      He's Simon Pegg's co-worker/underling at his work, calls him an old man and such. He's was quite chubby here so not very recognizable.
    11. NekiBlaze
      Eh. Agree to disagree on Dylan Moran
    12. NekiBlaze
      Shaun of the Dead, A
    13. NekiBlaze
      Oh you're in the minority there. Most people are hating the Go capture scenes so far, at least in the other forum.
    14. NekiBlaze
      It was fine. The battle was easily the best part
    15. NekiBlaze
      Oh wow. 7.5/10 from me
    16. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Yeah, usually the companions that got the loudest cheers were
      Misty, Brock, May, Dawn, Clemont and Bonnie, and of course, Serena. xD

      Pretty much. I still love Ash in Buizel Your Way Out of This. Dawn, Zoey and Brock's reactions
      to watching him and Pikachu fail to punch through a waterfall and jumping down the falls with Buizel never gets old, imo. xD
    17. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Yep. They were probably taken down for copyright by now, but during the companion cameos
      at the end of M20, it annoyed me to no end when every audience would keep booing Tracey, Max and Iris
      every time they showed up in the credits. -______- xD

      Yeah, that's the down side. For every episode that doesn't focus on him, he's just... there. xD
    18. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Yeah, a lot of people hated him for being a bookworm and getting on Ash and May's nerves at times,
      but that didn't bother me and he eventually grew out of driving them crazy anyway. xD

      Yep. Still holds up imo. DP Ash is fine imo, just not as lively as OS-AG Ash. And sorry PN2000 and co. I like DP Brock. His character centered episodes are actually pretty good (Leave it to Brocko, One Big Happy Happiny, etc.).
    19. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Yep, I didn't say it in the chat so I didn't get jumped on but:
      Max >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bonnie
      But she did get better though. xD

      Decided to start DP again. Almost done with Season 10. I said it once and I'll say it again.
      Gardenia's thing for Grass-types is freaking disturbing. Lol. xD
    20. NekiBlaze
      I'm just tired of coming across endless rerurns of it on Comedy Central lol. But I'd figure they will keep rerunning it for a couple more years...
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