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Darkrai 888
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Mar 31, 2020 at 8:00 AM
Dec 13, 2013
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Darkrai 888

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Darkrai 888 was last seen:
Mar 31, 2020 at 8:00 AM
    1. NekiBlaze
      Yes LOL!! Feels like a retcon.... which is WEIRD because Sam Mendes was also behind Skyfall
    2. NekiBlaze
      I don't have any problem with Blofeld being behind what happened in Casino, Quantum and Skyfall though. That makes sense to me. Maybe Silva is a bit forced since his connection to Quantum was never established and he just seemed like a lone wolf. But eh whatever
    3. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Same. I still can't believe that Ash caught a Dragonite. xD

      Yep. I enjoyed hearing Piplup and Croagunk's seiyu, though. xD
    4. NekiBlaze
      Yeah but it's just all too convenient. The world's biggest criminal being relared to Bond. And I just like Blofeld better as a cunning millionaire crimelord only
    5. NekiBlaze
      Yes. I honestly FORGOT about Blofeld being Bond's adoptive brother and in hindsight, I don't like this twist :/ Just doesn't work.
    6. NekiBlaze
      Ok, my new Spectre grade is A- Yes grades change, a few things didn't work as much for me anymore but otherwise I still really like it :)
    7. NekiBlaze
      No LOL!! That's Voldemort dissing Moriarty
    8. NekiBlaze
      "You're a cocky little bastard aren't ye?"
    9. NekiBlaze
    10. NekiBlaze
      You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond
    11. NekiBlaze
    12. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Fine. I've been fine with how simple PM's been tbh. Like KG and co. said, the anime's basically just in chill mode for a while after coming off of the Alola League and the end of SM.
      And jt looks like things are slowly starting to pick up now, anway.

      The only episode that was a dud for me so far was episode 8. xD
    13. NekiBlaze
    14. NekiBlaze
      Just a solid film IMO.
    15. NekiBlaze
      Yes, I knew that one of their kids would bit the dust but I didn't know it was in the first 10 minutes, that was SHOCKING!
    16. NekiBlaze
      I agree

      NAH, don't LOVE it, just always get hyped with a new Bond song LOL. Been listening to it again a couple of times today. Just really good
    17. NekiBlaze
      A Quiet Place, A-

      Fool me once, fool me twice
      Are you death or paradise?
      Now you'll never see me cry
      There's just no time to die
    18. LiepardTrainer
      (first reply in almost two weeks, no wonder I don't visit as much, not much for me to visit) - at least you enjoy it, might check it out when I get the chance
    19. Darthlord7
    20. NekiBlaze
      We've talked about this one before LOL. A singer by the name of K.D. Lang. Her song was going to be the theme but at the LAST MOMENT they switched to Sheryl Crow to appeal to a younger audience. They didn't inform Lang and dumped her song in the end credits. SHAME, because it's an amazing Bond theme, fits MUCH better.
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