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Darkrai 888
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Apr 9, 2020 at 6:22 AM
Dec 13, 2013
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Darkrai 888

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Viewing member profile Darkrai 888, Apr 9, 2020 at 6:22 AM
    1. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Yep. After tomorrow's episode, there's only one more regular episode left, then the finale will be a 3 parter.
    2. NekiBlaze
      Oh I have to disagree. I think he was pretty good as Hellboy.
    3. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Ikr? Welp, looks like Tom's going out with a bang in tomorrow's episode. This week's episode is gonna be a Eugene episode. xD
    4. NekiBlaze
      Was the excessive gore too much for you LOL? Because that is one thing I kinda liked LOL. All these Hollywood movies where monsters attack a city or an apocalypse happens are all so tame so I thought it was cool that they went full R
    5. NekiBlaze
      I see. I understand why this movie was PANNED. But I DON'T think it's fair to compare it to the Del Toro films like the Rotten Tomatoes verdict does, because Del Toro has a very distinct, unique visual style and they wanted to try something different anyway.
    6. NekiBlaze
      Ok. Kinda enjoyed it LOL. CGI not that bad TBH.
    7. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
    8. NekiBlaze
      Sorry, but Hellboy 2019, C
    9. Darthlord7
      They remembered after six seasons he has golden boots lmao
    10. NekiBlaze
      Completed the Galar Pokedex :)
    11. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
    12. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Yeah. I did like Bonnie for the Defense and To Find a Fairy Flower, but that's about it. xD

      We'll see what happens. I really hope we see at least 1 reserve, but it'll be interesting to see what Ash's team will be like in this series since that merch ad seemed to imply that he's already almost gonna have a full team in the very near future.
    13. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Worst series ever. Kidding. I honestly still enjoy XY/XYZ a lot, it's just overrated. The only gripe for me was that most of its fillers were dull. xD

      I'm fine with that tbh. Both May and Ash had a Bulbasaur at one point. But that reminds me, lol if we see Go capture and use a Pikachu in this series since he said he literally does want to catch every Pokémon there is. xD
    14. NekiBlaze
      Yes LOL!! Feels like a retcon.... which is WEIRD because Sam Mendes was also behind Skyfall
    15. NekiBlaze
      I don't have any problem with Blofeld being behind what happened in Casino, Quantum and Skyfall though. That makes sense to me. Maybe Silva is a bit forced since his connection to Quantum was never established and he just seemed like a lone wolf. But eh whatever
    16. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
      Same. I still can't believe that Ash caught a Dragonite. xD

      Yep. I enjoyed hearing Piplup and Croagunk's seiyu, though. xD
    17. NekiBlaze
      Yeah but it's just all too convenient. The world's biggest criminal being relared to Bond. And I just like Blofeld better as a cunning millionaire crimelord only
    18. NekiBlaze
      Yes. I honestly FORGOT about Blofeld being Bond's adoptive brother and in hindsight, I don't like this twist :/ Just doesn't work.
    19. NekiBlaze
      Ok, my new Spectre grade is A- Yes grades change, a few things didn't work as much for me anymore but otherwise I still really like it :)
    20. NekiBlaze
      No LOL!! That's Voldemort dissing Moriarty
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