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  • I see.

    Some people think that the Voice of Rao is also Brainiac because similar voices. Either a Kryptonian infected by Brainiac like that woman or a robot of some kind controlled by him. We'll see.

    I like Lyta-Zod, she is a badass and fights for what is right :)
    Yeah he was in Arrow right?

    The last 10 seconds of this Krypton episode.......... BRAINIAC THE F*CKING CREEP!!!!!! O______________O
    Krypton 8/10. Did you also see Colin Salmon listed in the cast? M's right hand man in the Brosnan films :) I didn't spot him but apparently he's going to play a member of Black Zero.
    Yep. That was hilarious. Cynical/Jarred actually falling outta his chair still gets me every time. xD
    He said he's gonna do a playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 3. His reactions to the game's story and gameplay
    should be interesting to say the least. xD
    Yeah I don't see them killing off Laurel again that would be plain stupid lol. The Kingdom Hearts games are FANTASTIC! I'm glad I already have a Playstation 4 and Xbox One, so I can play the third game!
    It's solid, I really like Edward Norton as Hulk (Mark ruffolo is good, but I dont think he "Nailed" the role until Ragnarok). Abomination was a cool villain, and i hope they eventually bring him back. It was great when it came out, but the later movies just outshine it IMO.
    Lol that's great. Supernatural was also confirmed for another season. That show has been on for 14 seasons LOL. I know Stephen Amell wants to do a crossover with it so bad lol.
    I could very well see that happening. I can see William taking on a Damien Wayne type role. I know right lol. William has a very tolerable character on the show. I'm glad he's cool with Oliver being the Green Arrow. Earth 2 Laurel jumps from villain to villain lol. I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3! I'm happy that you mentioned that. I bet that's part of the reason she left as well. She voices Aqua!
    "You have the right to be an attorney!"

    "Did you just say you have the right to be an attorney?"

    "Well... you do... have the right to be an attorney if you want to".
    Arrow got renewed for a season 7, so I'll be interested to see what the team looks like next season. Right now Diggle and Oliver are about to have Green Arrow issues lol. I would love to see William follow in his dad's footsteps, but it might be too soon yet? Maybe Oliver will take him under his wing more next season? So many questions.
    Not only that, as an actress, I think she said she's just ready to move on from the show. Colten Haynes left the show in a very similar way. I don't forsee Paul Blackthorne sticking around either. I hate to say it because I love Paul, but after this season he will probably fade back in that kind of bland role that Willa was trapped in. The Earth 2 Laurel storyline is what's keeping him relevant.
    Yup, I watched it. Willa Holland has finally made her exit. Honestly, I've seen it coming for a while. Ever since last season her role has become pretty bland. It's like she has nothing to do on the show. It's a shame because she's an Arrow original. It was definitely time to move on. They did a good job ending her story by bringing back Colten Haynes. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her, or Colten.
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