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  • Yeah, Sebastian Stan still has like 7 movies on his contract, while I think Chris Evans' is about to run out. Iron Man, I think could die protecting Spider-man, passing the mantle of the MCU's main hero. I could see Thor 4 MAYBE happening, since everybody involved seemed to have a blast making Ragnarok. I think the guardians are safe, aside from maybe Nebula.

    The penultimate episode of Dragon ball Super came out, and was genuinely more gorgeous than Resurrection F.

    That's super cool, I think he will do great, since Super-man is his absolute favorite thing.
    Welp, there's a chance that Milo Murphy's Law (Season 2) won't premiere in April, after all. Oh well.
    If it airs next month, cool, if it doesn't we just have to continue to play the waiting game. xD

    But the good news is that Dan Povenmire said that production on the 1 hour
    Milo Murphy's Law/Phineas and Ferb Crossover special is finished.
    Speaking of This is Sparta, Gerald Butler's right hand man is Dominic West who is now playing Lara Croft's dad LOL! He was also Jigsaw in Punisher: War Zone and the villain in Johnny English 2. Great actor :)
    Yes. "THIS IS BLASPHEMY. THIS IS MADNESS!" xD So yeah maybe he's the same character from The Incredible Hulk? Since he was an army general there, just like General Hale. Unlikely but who knows LOL

    Oh yes I remember now.
    LOL no wonder it has mixed reviews. I'm more interested in seeing how "A Quiet Place" will do now since it's getting very positive reviews thus far.
    Yes Superior is caught in an LMD body so he is super strong. Pffff... What if Peter Mensah is actually his character from The Incredible Hulk, a U.S. army general who secretly worked for Hydra :) Just like Hale LOL.

    Ehhhh I'm brainfarting right now, can you help me?
    Yeah I remember renting it from my local videoclub a few months later after the premiere. Now I feel old lol
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