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  • New Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures English dub titles were just revealed:

    SM053: Rescuing the Unwilling!
    Airs on April 14

    SM054: 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!
    Airs on April 21

    SM055: The Professors' New Adventure!
    Airs on April 28
    Im really sorry, it's been a ridiculously long week, What was your screening?

    That's nice, AoS has really managed to carve out a good part in the MCU for itself.

    Yeah, Im getting a little worried, espeacially knowing all the trouble behind the scenes.
    Yep, and he has said you can not say Star Wars is overrated because of how influential the movies have been. Well the same can be said for The Beatles LOL!
    Ok Campea I respect you, but you're CRAZY!!!! Called The Beatles OVERRATED on his show. Like..... NO!!!! JUST NO!!!!!!!!!
    Yep, this film was really inspired by The Thing it felt like. The whole concept of an alien creature annihilating humans and imitating them.

    PFFF.... I finally agreed with Schnepp on disliking a film. He called Lucy a giant pile of stinking sh*t :)
    One thing I forgot to say about Annihilation: that part with the bear creature, where it imitates Shephard's voice, SOOOOO OBVIOUSLY INSPIRED BY CARPENTER'S THE THING!!!! This whole film honestly felt like an hommage to Carpenter's The Thing. Maybe that's why I liked it so much.
    I know lol I have nothing against Candice Patton's performance, I actually pity her since she has to play such a horrible character with crappy script on top of that most of the time lol
    The subplot where she cheats on Oscar Isaac, WTF. That led to nowhere.

    Yeah, can't wait to see Beyonce help Strange again xD

    Well you haven't heard E.T. yet xD
    Oh and this movie is obviously a sequel to Leon, after Leon died Matilda moved on with her life, got a new name, met Oscar Isaac and she went into the army, she already learned a lot of skills from Leon LOL!

    The whole cast was pretty good LOL. Beyonce interrogating Natalie Portman xD

    Favourite John Williams score? Mine is probably E.T. followed by Star Wars, Indiana Jones and HP
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