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  • I might actually check it out LOL. Lots of people just hating on it because of the poster. I hate our western outrage culture sometimes -______-
    Yeah I know all about the controversy. The thing is, it was NEVER a pedo movie to begin with. It's a movie made by a female director ABOUT the oversexualization of girls, but Netflix BOTCHED the promotional campaign with a HORRIBLE poster. All Netflix's fault. Wouldn't be surprised if it was actually a good film with important things to say.
    Oh I see :) Hope you guys consider getting a cat again sometime :)

    Nope they're having a serious talk about Kenosha. Ruffalo is from there originally, didn't know that.
    Oh I see now. Yeah the Stotch family are originally from Hawaii though they moved to South Park when Butters was like a baby.

    "A period comedy loosely based on the adventures of Stede Bonnet, a pampered aristocrat who abandoned his life of privilege to become a pirate." I should add that Taika is NOT the showrunner but the exec. producer and he will direct the first episode.
    Yes, it's the Butters and Kenny episode :) Was great seeing them together, unfortunately the episode could have been better than it was

    Yup :) Sergeant Yates the new teacher LOL, oh boy xD


    It's a comedy show called Our Flag Means Death :) Premise sounds hilarious
    Was because of his Hawaiian roots or something. Was kind of a weak episode but that bit was fun LOL

    Now about the Pandemic Special, BRILLIANT LOL!!!!! And South Park has NEVER had a 2 hour special so this is really something :)

    Oh yes I've seen that meme.

    New pirate show coming from Taika, sounds GREAT LOL :)
    Nice. And EntityMays was the one that started the #NationalAshKetchumDay hashtag
    so that was pretty cool of TPCi to officially acknowledge it.

    Yeah. 1:05 - the end of the stream:

    Cool. But if my memory serves me right, the calendars usually don't spoil all that much as far as team spoilers go. xD
    I think Riolu and Raboot will evolve before the end of the year.
    Yup I love Prof. Chaos.

    Han was descended from Corellian royalty LOL... funny when you consider canon Han was a poor guy on Corellia. He and Leia also had 3 kids, of which one became a Sith, but this was NOT Kylo Ren but Darth Caedus.

    You seen trailer? Looks fun :)

    Uh yeah could be

    Yeah. Luke and Mara Jade's son was called Ben LOL..... Legends also had a lot of cool Sith, my favourite being Darth Revan.

    :) Char Char!

    FINALLY LOL :) Can't wait

    LOL, this also reminds me of the South Park episode "Ths Simpsons Already Did It", in which Professor Chaos comes up with all kinds of evil schemes, only to find out that The Simpsons already did these on their show LOL!!

    Yeah :) Legends had a lot of cool characters

    Yeah. Frank Angones said that Webby, Lena and Violet
    will have some episodes together to mirror Huey, Dewey and Louie trio dynamic.

    Around the 2 hour mark.
    The structure of the PokéPod is the following:

    Hour 1: Random discussion to stall for the others
    to join

    Hour 2: Review

    KG makes some good points but that wasn't enough to drag
    the episode down for me. Oh well. To each his own.
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