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  • The Poké Pod
    Session 156 - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Wave 2 DLC Review and Datamine Leaks for Future Tacks/
    Pokémon Presents August 2022 Review/PM120 Review






    Highlights from the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Stage Show Event that took place behind closed doors:
    Probably Penny. She already has the Eevee backpack. xD

    Same. Probably not as good PnF or MML, but it still seems fun and Disney and Dan seem very proud of it
    (Disney extended Season 1 to being 30 episodes long after it did well with test audiences).
    If the MML/PnF crossover happens, you know Kevin's gonna be one of Murphy's Law's punching bag for sure. xD
    Yep. This farewell should be interesting to say the least given that Goh clearly
    has some form of social anxiety unless he's over that phase now. xD
    Uh... Sorry, Chloe, but Paldea exists (unless this ends up being the kids' last trip together and then they say goodbye). xD
    3's fine, especially since fans have been wanting Ash VS Cynthia for years as he never battled her in DP or BW,
    but if we get 4 again... I think that's pushing it a bit imo unless Cynthia actually ends up kicking Ash's butt, too. xD

    Yeah. I did better this time around. Made the Top 6 cut more often than not.
    Still got 10-12th every now and then though. xD
    Make that a 3-parter:
    PM126 - The Semifinals IV: Battle (Airs September 23rd)

    Lol, Wave 2 broke poor Emi at one point, last night. xD

    Emi: No! NO!! Noooo...

    KG: Emi, what happened?!

    Emi: I was in last place!

    Terrell: Let me ask you this.
    Emi, did you pickup and play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and expect to win?

    Emi: I just wanna win at least once!
    Fine to me, but I'm kinda counting on it, unless Ash either stays put at the school again or
    there's someone else in the SV cast that can cook. xD

    Indeed. I'm hoping in the next series Ash does get permanent gloves back. xD
    Indeed. Still no regional bird dang it, but at least we have the region's name. xD
    If Ash travels across Paldea, I either want Nemona to be either the next female lead or his rival.
    Arven would probably be the next Brock/Cilan/Clemont. His bio says he sucks at battles,
    but he can cook and heal people's Pokémon. xD
    Yeah, bummer, but I wasn't all that excited for SCOOB 2, so I'm not all that bummed out about it.
    Still surprised we haven't gotten a direct-to-DVD movie lately though. xD

    Welp, less than 12 hours to go.
    Indeed. Larry usually returns as Mater first chance he gets, so no surprise there.

    Yeah, it's not every day you see Pikachu chilling with the Gen 9 starters.
    And someone found a bigger size of the image and noticed that TV Tokyo’s trademark is on it. xD
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