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  • Indeed. Still no regional bird dang it, but at least we have the region's name. xD
    If Ash travels across Paldea, I either want Nemona to be either the next female lead or his rival.
    Arven would probably be the next Brock/Cilan/Clemont. His bio says he sucks at battles,
    but he can cook and heal people's Pokémon. xD
    Yeah, bummer, but I wasn't all that excited for SCOOB 2, so I'm not all that bummed out about it.
    Still surprised we haven't gotten a direct-to-DVD movie lately though. xD

    Welp, less than 12 hours to go.
    Indeed. Larry usually returns as Mater first chance he gets, so no surprise there.

    Yeah, it's not every day you see Pikachu chilling with the Gen 9 starters.
    And someone found a bigger size of the image and noticed that TV Tokyo’s trademark is on it. xD
    The Poké Pod World
    Session 155 - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass DLC Wave 2 Reaction
    /Pokémon Presents Predictions & Speculation/TSS Reviews PM119/Rant: The Toxicity of Fandoms on Twitter

    Yeah,that. The meme is that the card's used so much that characters shouldn't
    have to explain its effect anymore, but they still do. xD

    Yeah, Not gonna lie, whoever voiced Meowth did a pretty decent Maddie impression imo. xD

    Dang. But 95 years is a pretty good run. She was also Old Lady Crowley for most of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.
    Yeah, I find it touching that Ash is basically going to be avenging Iris now for the rest of the tournament.

    Yeah, the parody vid was amusing. Meowth gets the TR podcast canceled because
    he went on a tirade justifying Maxie's actions just because he thought Hoenn had "too much water". xD

    Lol, even the dub writers have embraced the Pot of Greed memes, now. xD
    Yeah, definitely the weakest "modern era" series (BW-present) for sure. But it has its moments.

    Yeah. Can't wait to get my butt kicked by KG and the others
    when we eventually tackle Wave 2 in community game night. xD

    Yep. The 2019-2022 date in the collection's title finally spelt it out for fans in denial
    that yes, Journeys is definitely ending this year. xD
    Their take on the Marvel stuff was cool, then they ranted about Episode 118
    and the tournament not resuming until September. xD

    Streaming wise, KG reviewed AG in part 2 of their anime pros/cons series:

    KG also just started a session of Xenoblade Chronicles 3:
    Part 1:

    Part 3:
    Feel free to respond whenever. xD

    Pokémon Anime Theme Song BEST Collection (2019-2022)
    Releasing on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray October 26th 2022

    (will most likely include the creditless versions of all of the openings and ending themes from Pokémon (2019))
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