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  • The dub of The World Ends With You: The Animation starts tomorrow.

    Ben Balmaceda (Neku)
    Morgan Lauré (Shiki)
    Van Barr Jr. (Beat)
    Dani Chambers (Rhyme)
    Drew Breedlove (Futoshi)
    Brandon Potter (Hanekoma)
    Anthony DiMascio (Higashizawa)
    Andrew Kishino (Kariya)
    Christopher Wehkamp (Kitaniji)
    Marisa Duran (Konishi)
    Brent Mukai (Minamimoto)
    Jessica Peterson (Yashiro)
    Disney's supposed the high quality finalized cut of the trailer that was shown at the 2021 Lightbox Expo according to Matt.
    I'm guessing it'll be at least sometime before October 2nd. xD

    I imagine promos will start airing about a week before Season's 3 debut given that they promoted the heck out of True Colors.

    Until then, another vlog's been released:
    Agreed. One of the few times TPCi's come close to that level of comedy imo is Sarah having Ash say that Meowth's voice is annoying. xD
    Yep. I'm guessing Fight at the Museum is the episode where the Plantars break into the museum
    in an attempt to find some info on how to find another method of returning to Amphibia.

    As for Adventures in Catsitting, I'm guessing the frogs get stuck babysitting Domino.
    If that's the case, can't imagine anything going wrong, there... xD
    Amphibia (Season 3)
    October Schedule
    (no summaries):
    EP001 - The New Normal (Season Premiere) (Airs October 2nd)
    EP002 - Hop 'Til You Drop / Turning Point (Airs October 9th)
    EP003 - Thai Feud / Adventures in Catsitting (Airs October 16th)
    EP004 - Fight at the Museum / Temple Frogs (Airs October 23rd)
    EP005 - Fixing Frobo/Anne-Sterminator (Airs October 30th)
    Yeah. Sounded better than some of his stuff in the main series at least. xD

    The tickets go on sale in January. The event is September 9-11, 2022.
    Gonna be interesting to see what Disney's plans are for the 100th anniversary in 2023.
    I'd love it if for the 100th there was a Disney+ or full-fledged theatrical film featuring Mickey and the others tbh. xD
    Yep. Ed Goldfarb did the score for the first episode. xD

    Yeah, if played nonstop, one could finish the remainder of The Owl House in half a day. xD

    Another day, another vlog from Anne. xD
    We'll see what happens. None of these tracks match the length of M23's ending theme, so maybe she'll sing that one.
    Meanwhile, Goldfarb also officially released M22's ending theme Keep Evolving which she did sing:

    PM062 where Sobble evolves and discovers that its middle stage is an abomination. xD
    Yeah. They're all decent. My New Friends is actually pretty good.
    My only gripe with it is that Ed Goldfarb clearly made a knock off of Show Window. xD

    Meanwhile, looks like Australia and the UK are gonna keep airing Season 24 nonstop without a break for now.
    PM065's dub airs on October 2nd. Time to see if Iris was recast or not. xD
    M23 releases October 8th, 2021 on Netflix.

    M23 Dub Cast (from Netflix):
    Sarah Natochenny
    Ikue Ōtani
    Kimlinh Tran
    Edward Bosco
    Billy Kametz
    James Carter Cathcart
    Michele Knotz
    Erica Schroeder
    Rodger Parsons
    Ryan Andes
    Major Attaway
    Kellen Goff
    Michelle Ruff
    Alola Adventurer
    Alola Adventurer
    Music from Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle
    Always Safe
    Performed by Cyn

    My New Friends
    Music and Lyrics by Ed Goldfarb
    Performed by Ben Dixon

    No Matter What
    Performed by Cyn

    PBS Kids released a new Arthur special where Arthur and his friends move on from
    3rd grade to 4th grade to help kids cope with going back to school. xD
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