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  • Please retire after Season 20 or Generation VII, Cathcart. First you give
    Season 20 really bad dub titles, then you end up destroying Shiron's dub name.

    Oh right. Saw Thursday's episode and... I actually liked it. 17/20.
    Lol at Lana scaring her classmates. xD

    I see. Dunno what they'll do to his character on Family Guy,
    but as for Fairly Oddparents, they'll probably just get a new voice actor.
    Yeah, Snowy's pretty bad, but then again this is Carter Cathcart we're talking about here,
    so I'm not surprised. xD

    Yeah. xD
    "I think I just figured out something, Turtonator.
    It's that you and I AREN'T MADE FOR POKÉMON PANCAKE RACING!!!!!!" - Kiawe

    ^ ROFL. xD ^

    Guess so. 4K Media Inc. has already put out their English Subs for Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains,
    so yeah, they're probably almost done with Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.
    Yeah, I have an 18 year old brother and a 13 year old brother. We are all super close, we try to do things when we all have time.

    I'm excited for the film. DC needed a good film finally.
    Makes since. Shiron is a Japanese name, so I had a feeling it would be altered to Snowflake, Snowball or something like that. xD

    Lol at Marc Swint's acting when Kiawe was having a hard time pulling Turtonator in the wagon. xD

    Pretty sure the race announcer was Emily Jenness. I could hear Zuzu in her voice at some points. xD
    SM013 - Racing to a Big Event

    Rodger Parsons (Narrator)
    Sarah Natochenny (Ash)
    Rosie Reyes (Lana)
    Laurie Hymes (Lillie)
    Jessica Paquet (Mallow)
    Alyson Rosenfeld (Sophocles)
    Marc Swint (Kiawe)
    Roger Callagy (Rotomdex)
    Abe Goldfarb (Professor Kukui)
    Carter Cathcart (James/Meowth)
    Michele Knotz (Jessie/Bewear)
    Erica Schroeder (Wobbuffet)
    Additional Voice Talent
    What bothers me, is next year probably DC will just only have one movie! Darn, I hope The Flash will find a director who wont quit! Then I hope Batman will also film next year
    They should just change the ending instead of Diana flying, it should be Diana visiting Bruce Wayne then dun dun! *is she with you plays* Tenenenenenenen
    Ever since Diana left Themyscira, check it! The pacing is so fast, that they are already on London. Then when they went to No Man's Land using a boat, they were already there!
    After watching WW again, I felt the CGI was not that good especially Ares vs WW. I also saw the pacing of the story is slow at first then it starts to get faster and faster. But still a good movie again :D
    Yeah, especially Season 2's finale. :)
    They probably went with Snowy for the lip synch. But still it's ridiculous lol
    I see. :)
    Agreed. Both seasons were outstanding! :)
    OMG LMAO even Snowball would make more sense. xD
    I see. Haven't watched his series either but I heard they were cancelled due to bad ratings. :/
    LOL true. Imagine if Cumberbatch and Freeman were together in a movie which features both Dr. Strange and Black Panther in it. Sherlock vibes would be very strong in this. xD
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