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  • Not really.

    I know. :) I'm excited to learn more about USM and what exactly it means for the anime. I am pumped for this next batch of episodes and surprised people seem to really be coming around to the whole "classmates obtaining Z-Rings" theory. I thought I'd be ridiculed for predicting that Lana will get the Waterium-Z in SM32, but most people seem to think she will be.
    It's mostly a speculation based on how Nintendo treats her consoles. The 3DS is already dated when it comes to hardware and graphics and was already evident during the Sun and Moon games with the frame drops. Also, Nintendo has never left behind a console during mid-generation so far iirc. I think it has a 2-year lifespan left.
    LOL I think they will be the next games and also the last for the 3DS. Once GenVIII starts all the next games will be only for the Switch.
    I'm not that excited because I wanted Sinnoh remakes but still I will get Ultra Sun day one. :)
    Looks that way. And if this is real, Ash and co. are still on Akala Island.

    From the sounds of things, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will get more information at E3 2017.

    Yeah, some people are mad that we didn't get DP remakes. xD
    Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon was described as an alternate storyline that still takes place
    in the same universe of SM.


    New SM episode title. unless it's fake.
    SM033 - Little Wishiwashi Isn't Lacking, It's the Lord of the Lake!

    The students at the Pokémon School are greatly enjoying their Akala Island classes. Ash goes with Lana to a lake where it's said you can fish the "Lord of the Lake". Lana gets a big bite the instant she throws out the line, but because it's so big, it's not very easy to reel in.
    So, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with some new forms for the legendaries.
    Not hyped for that tbh but at least it's better than having new Kanto games.
    I hope in the sequel of WW, her villain is Hades, then in the end Cheetah appears, then in her third movie its WW vs Cheetah!
    I do wish we get a Mos, Batman and WW Trilogy!
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