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  • Yeah, it has some pros though. You could tell the writers were really ramping up the action and drama in Season 3.
    But heck, they didn't even really keep track of which side had which wu anymore lol. xD

    But feelings on the finale aside, I actually am interested in seeing where the new series
    goes with the storyline of Raimundo being Shoku Warrior and team leader when/if it does happen. xD
    Finished Xiaolin Showdown. 8/10.
    Yep. I still find the finale a little bs imo.
    I know he's the fan favorite, but as WatchMojo said, Master Fung basically hands Raimundo the Shoku Warrior rank on a silver platter just because
    he was smart enough to figure out how to reverse Omi's accidental screw up of the space-time continuum. -____-

    And I still can't. Stand. Hannibal. Bean. Sorry Tom Kenny. xD
    Yep. That and in person aside from Corphish and Totodile's cameo in SM. xD

    So KG saw the episode and enjoyed it. He plans on doing live reactions again, but these recordings won't be saved on Twitch when they're over. xD
    Yeah, but hey, at least the anime finally realized that Ash's non-Kanto reserves exist.

    Gonna be interesting to hear KG's thoughts on this episode. Lol that his rants leading up to it
    in a way were all for nothing since Ash didn't win. xD

    Oh right, yeah, the unexpected helpers in PM040 are Team Rocket. :rolleyes:
    Yeah, it looks great.
    Today's episode: 7.5/10. Pretty good.

    - It took a moment, but yes, Chuck did remember Ash.

    - Ash was able to counter Octolock, but his battle with Bea ended in a tie.
    From all appearances, no. She probably made that decision after the fandom reception was mixed. xD
    Imo, the first three episodes were great and it had an okay finale but otherwise, eh.

    Yeah. I saw the unaired pilot. Lol at this. xD
    Indeed. But yeah, waking up to that on a Saturday? Talk about hype overload. xD

    So Christy told some fans on social media after she made that tweet that this new revival would continue from where Season 3 of Xiaolin Showdown left off.
    Xiaolin Chronicles is a standalone series and all but non-canon. xD

    Nice. Ah, yes. The early beginnings of Sokka's character development arc.
    Yeah. Reception wise, anyway. But the data suggests it might've grossed about $261 so at least it made its budget back. xD

    I'm going through XS again after Christy Hui hinted at another series. I miss Kids' WB. They were stacked. xD
    On one Saturday morning, they had this for a line-up:
    Yeah... Definitely don't think CATU was the last time we'll hear from of Phineas and Ferb (also dang it live-action remakes ).
    Avatar: The Last Airbender - Unaired Pilot

    This is a 14 minute early snippet of the series that got the franchise greenlit when it was pitched to NickToons.
    Katara was originally known as Kya, but that name was eventually given to her and Sokka's late mother instead.
    In the pilot, Sokka's voiced by Mitchel Musso.
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