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  • Yeah. xD

    So Matt's had a few more interviews.
    - Now that the series is finished, Matt has his full attention on the Marcy's Journal - A Guide to Amphibia spin-off book.

    - Matt's game for more Amphibia content in the future if Disney's interested.
    Right now, he's focused on trying to get an The Art of Amphibia book greenlit.
    Oh yeah, I saw that. Cool that Hugh's finally in. xD

    So watching KG and Tyrone's stream for yesterday, Tyrone's still the more experienced player of the two. KG just threw a deck
    of random cards together instead of building a deck based on strategy and hoped for the best. xD
    But he knows how to play the game for the most part, such as how to complete a turn, and how to Synchro Summon.
    Yeah, it's not awful, but it's a mid series imo. The next era of Disney TVA's gonna be interesting to say the least.
    After TOH ends, lore shows like Tangled, DuckTales, Amphibia and The Owl House are gonna take a break
    as the current suits at Disney Channel want more Slice of Life/Comedy shows in the vein of Phineas and Ferb,
    Big City Greens and The Ghost and Molly McGee for now.
    Yep. And Big City Greens (unfortunately). Hamster and Gretel's supposed to release this year though. I'm going with late Summer/early Fall 2022.
    Starting in June will be The Owl House's hiatus between Season 2 and 3. The Ghost and Molly McGee will be returning
    with its new batch of episodes in June to take The Owl House and Amphibia's place.
    Yeah, it's Phineas and Ferb, DuckTales and Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure all over again.
    It's a bit of a bummer to see Amphibia go. But at least The Owl House will be sticking around for a little while longer.
    Yep. Goh cleared this episode's trial, but he only has 7 tokens,
    and he needs at least 12 to qualify for a Chaser so in PM113, it's all or nothing.

    Welp, tomorrow's the big night (illustration by Matt Braly)...

    Eh, I was fine with May's win there tbh. xD
    Sad times, but I still don't hate Bill and Sarah in early Season 9.
    Sarah was just doing a bad Veronica Taylor impression which was improving, but
    she eventually decided to make her own voice for Ash instead after dub fans told her to stop her "awful" Veronica impression. -___-
    As for Bill Rogers, he had a more natural sounding Eric Stuart impression back then imo.
    Yeah, but honestly, assuming there is a female lead this time, given that Ash didn't have a main female companion in Journeys at all,
    I'll be fine with whoever we get. xD
    Lol at the concept art of Ash being mad at Rotom. xD

    Who knows. I'm still in the camp that Ash is never leaving. Fans hype up that discussion at the end of every series. Lol. xD
    The only characters we know that exist in Scarlet and Violet at the moment are the protagonists and the starters. xD
    Yep. Animation wise, assuming OLM's schedule's the same, early production on the Gen 9 anime should be underway already.
    Going off of these dates, first thing on the list is to finalize the main cast's character designs.


    Yeah, 4Kids still made a few errors here and there like Brock saying that Water types are weak against Fire types OS' dub. xD
    Yep. xD

    Pepper Ann was one of Disney TVA's series from the late '90s which is on Disney+ now,
    but I actually don't remember it too much. Only bits and pieces of it. Matt was a fan of it growing up though. xD
    The main series I watched from that time period were Disney's Doug, Recess and The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh. xD
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