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  • Yep, that was mentioned a while back. The film is the first project to come from Avatar Studios that Nickelodeon and Paramount launched this past year. xD
    If it stars Aang and co., the boys will probably need to be recast, after seeing her work in The Owl House,
    I'm pretty sure that Mae Whitman could still pull off voicing Katara.
    Witches Before Wizards and Senses and Insensitivity. They weren't bad or anything, they just aren't my favorite.
    The other episodes are fine though. Lol at Eda and King baby-sitting the Bat Queen's babies. xD

    "What silences children? What if we invent a TV network for ages 6 to 11--" - King

    "That's insane!" - Eda

    Looking forward to it. Ash never battled her in DP or BW. xD
    Welp, Volkner just told Ash that Cynthia's in the Master Class. xD

    Decided to rewatch season 1 of The Owl House on Disney+ since Season 2's on hiatus for now.
    Still fun. The series begins to increase in quality imo after Eda's curse plot is introduced.
    My top 2 episodes are still Agony of the Witch and Young Blood, Old Souls.
    If there's anything to be learned from those episodes, it's "don't make Luz angry" unless you have a death wish. xD
    All of them look great imo. Hisuian Braviary was my favorite one out of the bunch.
    Good to see non-Gen 1 Pokémon getting some love. xD

    Ah, more DP continuity. xD
    Yeah, wild Pokémon can attack you in this game. Yeesh. xD
    Hmm. Still releases in January which still leaves time for a Gen 9 release for November 2022. xD
    Yep and there's also Kimiko Glenn (Lena) from DuckTales,
    and Shin-ichiro Miki and Mariya Ise (Bonnie) are in the Japanese cast. xD
    Them and their very odd business practices. xD

    Yeah, or maybe Lilith will return but who knows.
    So far my favorite episodes out of this season have been Separate Tides, Echoes of the Past,
    Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door, Eclipse Lake
    and Yesterday's Lie.
    Yeah, The Owl House and Amphibia are Disney Channel's current ongoing flagship series at the moment.
    But yeah, they're weird. Milo Murphy's Law's ratings were doing great after Season 2 moved to Disney Channel... and still no Season 3. xD

    Indeed. Lol at her beating up Jacob (the curactor) and trapping him in Vee's cage. xD

    EP011 - Follies at the Coven Day Parade
    Summary: TBA
    Dana Terrace said when Disney came to her to greenlight a 3rd season, she agreed, thinking it would also have 20-21 episodes,
    but then they told her that it would only have 3 44 minute specials. -__-
    #MoreTheOwlHouse was also trending today in an attempt to convince Disney to renew TOH for more Disney+ content. We'll see what happens.

    Welp, Camila started trending again. xD
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