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    Yeah. Yoda DID have a Jedi Master in his youth (when he actually had hair LOL) in the Legends stories. But that's about it
    They even named a Pokemon dub episode after it LOL!!!

    I AM kinda worried that they will COMPLETELY destroy the mystery of Yoda. Like, part of me would like to see what Yoda's species actually is, but part of me also always liked that Yoda (and Yaddle) are basically complete mysteries LOL!!! But we'll see. Maybe they handle it well
    Yep. Most of the crew enjoyed it.
    KG's review:
    10/10 if it were an SM episode.

    5/10 as a PM episode. KG was salty that PM didn't run with the storyline of Ash going to Alola to clear his head after losing streak,
    so this episode is absolutely pointless in regards to Ash's development for his upcoming rematch with Bea and he'll be salty if Ash wins
    because of how rushed the episode gap between PM034 and PM039 was.
    Such a terrific movie. Will Forte is great in a serious role, LOVE Bob Odenkirk as his brother (and it's funny because these two play boss and employee in HIMYM LOL) and Bruce Dern gives a fantastic late career performance. Movie is also pretty funny and has heart to it
    Yeah, looked over his film list and he hsd many small roles in films I never realized: Cool Hand Luke, Chinatown, Splash, Apollo 13, Independence Day, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon, Nebraska. The list goes on.
    That's pretty awesome :) The fight between Cap and The Leaper was AWESOME and a great way to start off the film. I hope they reveal the release date soon.
    LOL, that Twitter thread was full of people saying "Here come the Snyder conspiracy bots" xD

    Yeah and I noticed this time that Ron Howard's own father Rance Howard is one of the cardinals :) Ron is the spitting image of his dad LOL!!

    I doubt it, because they make episodes within the 6 days before airdate. I told you this not too long ago. Maybe some preproduction but even that is unlikely.
    AWESOME :)

    The mystery is interesting and ticking time bomb story is pretty tense, I like VANESSA as a companion and is Ewan MacGregor ever really bad? The dude is awesome :) HELLO THERE

    Yeah what is going on? I don't get it :(
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