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  • That's pretty awesome :) The fight between Cap and The Leaper was AWESOME and a great way to start off the film. I hope they reveal the release date soon.
    LOL, that Twitter thread was full of people saying "Here come the Snyder conspiracy bots" xD

    Yeah and I noticed this time that Ron Howard's own father Rance Howard is one of the cardinals :) Ron is the spitting image of his dad LOL!!

    I doubt it, because they make episodes within the 6 days before airdate. I told you this not too long ago. Maybe some preproduction but even that is unlikely.
    AWESOME :)

    The mystery is interesting and ticking time bomb story is pretty tense, I like VANESSA as a companion and is Ewan MacGregor ever really bad? The dude is awesome :) HELLO THERE

    Yeah what is going on? I don't get it :(
    Of new releases, yes probably.

    Yup. You should binge SDBH sometime though. It's fun

    No I ALWAYS wanted to watch it, it's just.... it's weird that this show even exists since it won't get a Season 2 anyway and it's the last non-Marvel Studio Marvel tv show we'll ever see
    Yeah I'll give it a C

    Yeah. I like SDBH for what it is but we really need another weekly 20 minute show

    Yup. Hulu wanted ANOTHER universe focusing on the "scary" side of Marvel but that fell apart when Ghost Rider was cancelled. And now we have just Helstrom... I will still watch it
    I agree. I don't think it is for you. I didn't even really like it.


    If not, it's in development hell. Hulu wanted their own Defenders universe called The Offenders but I think that whole idea is out of the window already. Maybe 1 or 2 shows are still in dev but I dunno.
    Yup and he was going to have his own animated show alongside Howard the Duck and a few other obscure Marvel characters but that whole thing got canceled :(

    Yeah and the Grand Priest and the Angels. They are way more powerful than anyone. UI Goku probably wouldn't have trouble with any of the Gods of Destruction, seeing how they were in awe and even a bit scared of Goku unlocking Ultra Instinct.
    Didn't really feel like a horror movie. Wasn't scary. It's just over 2 hours of mostly just dialogue and weird random stuff here and there.

    Ultra Instinct Goku wouldn't xD Although who would really be able to beat UI Goku except Saitama LOL

    I hope that MODOK will be in the MCU one day
    Agreed. The professors and Lei vanishing from the rest of the episode a little too quickly imo and the episode randomly ending with Ash and Goh back in Kanto and that we didn't see the groups' farewells on screen was the only thing that kept me from giving it a 10 out of 10. xD

    New Mickey Mouse (2013) short series coming to Disney+.
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