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  • Thanks.

    Also, I appreciate you explaining why I deleted the posts, it's best to leave that to the mods though. If you see posts that you believe are off topic or are in some way breaking the rules, ignore or report them, a mod will deal with it as soon as possible. If you want try and make a topic get back on-topic, try and post something relating to the episode where hopefully people will respond to that over the off topic stuff, even if it's a small thing, anything on-topic is better then something off-topic.
    ...A lot...And I mean it, a lot.

    He's my most epic shiny in my party. Already has a freakishly high SpAtt stat and he's not even at level 100 yet.
    Alright. I'll be able to trade my Celebi for your Shiny Meganium here in a bit. Just hold on...I'm trading someone for the one thing in my wants list and it's messing up.

    *has a nervous breakdown*
    Alright. Just get the EV's on it deleted again. I don't want Shinies with miscellaneous EV's on them...

    (Yes, I'm dreadfully picky, but I'm only looking for battle-worthy and ready pokes, and don't care for losing because they're not prepared. lol)
    Fine. Shiny Meganium for my Celebi and I want it both hack-checked and its EV's deleted...

    You can usually do that for free at many trade shops...Including thejt's one.
    What's the nature on both?

    (I want all EV's deleted on both of them. Those services can be found on many trade shops.)

    Also, I want you to run them BOTH through the Hack-Check thread for legitimacy...I know it's a lot, but I hate hacked pokemon more than I hate stepping in poop. lol
    By the way those stats are, it's not EV-trained...

    And I personally EV-train my pokemon, so sorry, I'm not too interested in your Salamence.
    I think I've got a Celebi still in my box...But what are you offering? I'm only looking for Shinies.
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