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Mar 23, 2019
Jun 22, 2011
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Darkrai'sShadow was last seen:
Mar 23, 2019
    1. TrainerChris
      I'm really happy to hear that you've been doing well. Yeah, it really does feel like it's been a lot longer than what, 4-5 years now? It really does feel nostalgic every time I visit this place. I saw your comment on Moose's profile. I'll try adding you on there (even though I don't use steam) since it'll probably be faster than waiting for the next time you log on haha. It'd be nice to catch up after all this time.
    2. MooseSmuggler
      Adding you on Steam now, what's your Discord? I use it pretty often so that's a good way to reach me.

      Okay, I can't seem to find your Steam profile. If you want, you can just add mine, it's InkyK
    3. MooseSmuggler
      ...yeah, they have...AND HOLY **** IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!! HOW'VE YOU BEEN? I hardly ever check Serebii anymore, we gotta find a better way to keep in touch lol.
    4. TrainerChris
      Yooo, Darky. I see you still log on once a year haha. Not sure the next time you'll get on SPPF, but just wanted to ask how things with you are going?
    5. MooseSmuggler
      Merry Christmas Dark! How've yo been? I'm a sobbing mess because of the Doctor Who special tonight xD
    6. sanae
      aww thanks.

      i'm on now if you want to battle.
    7. sanae
      most people call me xatu, so that's fine.

      i should be able to battle saturday.
      however i do use showdown because i'm too lazy to dowload PO.
    8. TrainerChris
      I'm GMT-5, pretty sure we can battle whenever you're able.
    9. TrainerChris
      Yo Dark, you downloaded PO yet? I feel like challenging an old rival, you in?
    10. MooseSmuggler
      http://freetvall.com/video/3D7RG2BY8AAU/ Here ya go, a live-stream set to the channel on which the event will occur. It's at 2:00 our time. I know you haven't watched Doctor Who, so it might be a little confusing. I can explain everything in the chat if you'd like.
    11. sanae
      i much prefer consuming the books than producing them.

      but i have no clue what i'll do after high school/college, so it's very well possible.
    12. sanae
      i could probably never write a good fanfiction.

      or write good in general ;;
    13. sanae
      i suppose i am too. would be rather strange if i wasn't.

      you still writing and stuff?
    14. sanae
      i would probably question the person with the weeaboo name as well.

      i'm doing alright. pretty much the same as before you left, except i watch anime now.
    15. sanae
      i changed it from XatuGamer.

      and i'll probably change it again n.n
    16. MooseSmuggler
      It's public, as far as I know. I would assume Ace would tell me if it weren't.
    17. MooseSmuggler
    18. MooseSmuggler
      Ace said he plans to have it set up by Monday. I'll link you when it's done.
    19. MooseSmuggler
      Bahaha, awesome. But yeah, I've got a lot to look forward to. Guild starting, 12th Doctor being announced (hopefully that happens after the guild forms, since I'm taking bets on who the 12th Doctor's gonna be), X/Y. GAH, I'm so impatient xD
    20. MooseSmuggler
      Same here. It's a wonderful mechanic. And I know the region is based on France, but not much beyond that. I suppose we'll find out. At this rate, probably before we find out who the 12th Doctor will be xD
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    I have a few years of experience with pokemon and have played most of the games. My favorite pokemon is, and always will be, grovyle.

    I also like anime, video games, books, fanfiction... My favorite video game is The World Ends with You, which fans affectionately call TWEWY.