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  • I know the feeling. My spouse and I usually each get one of the two. Granted, they haven't finished a game since we met xD
    That's the way Serebii worded it. I take it they mean that they're making it more obvious that EV's/IV's exist and will make it easier to figure out the exact numbers. So instead of just knowing when you've maxed out EV's and knowing what your highest IV is and an approximation to what it is, they might just outright tell you now. I'm not sure, from what Serebii said, they announced it at E3.
    I know xD But I won't complain, since it'll make Dragon types less common. I'm looking forward to 6th Gen myself. If nothing else, the metagame is gonna change drastically. I hear they're planning to make EV's and IV's more transparent, so it seems they're a lot more willing to work with the competitive community than the designers of some other games *coughBrawlcough*
    Of course, you're more than welcome to join. And it's understandable. Frankly, I haven't been doing much in terms of battles either. My main role's going to be running a gambling center for the AC players (we can't and won't require members to play AC, but we're offering special opportunities to those who do, and Ace loved my idea of a chance to bet Bells on things). And sorry to hear about your PS3, it sucks to lose data like that :/
    A bit over a year methinks xD Glad to see you're back.

    Yeah, things have been going well. I took an emotional hit when my mother passed away back in March, but I've been getting better. As for the rest of the old gang, Swamp's disappeared, but I hear from Bobby from time to time. PeU is obviously long gone, but a friend of Ex's and I are working on an Animal Crossing-themed guild (yeah, the mods changed the name to guilds xD). Other than that, most of my time has been spent playing Animal Crossing and watching Doctor Who.

    Anyway, what about you? How've you been the past year?
    What video games do you play? I'm not really into any of those other things you mentioned, sadly. And I abode fan fictions.
    OH MY GOD EVERY TIME YOU MESSAGE ME EVERY. DANG. TIME. I think you're this one pokemon who's a male and we both keep trying to find the time to have a pokemon battle.
    What do you do in your free time?
    Oh wow I can't believe I just messed up your age completely. Well, what's causing you so much pressure? Well, can't you like ask for your schedule of training and whatnot on certain days? You should have at least some free time to do whatever you want, hang out with your friends/family. Or just to relax in general.
    Oh college? Well I thought you were like 16 or so. My mistake.
    And if you have tennis and music lessons already, what's the problem? Just like normal I suppose?
    In all honesty, I just didn't enhoy doing requests anymore. I figured that if I spend a little time away from it that I can regain the passion I used to have making requests.
    I've been pretty good myself. Despite the fact that I fell out of bed and hit my head this morning.

    I'm glad that I only have about a month of school left, I can't wait for summer. Mainly for the hot weather.
    For my last requests in my shop(i'm shutting her down) i've done 3 banners, 17 xats, 2 userbar, 1 silhouette(total of 130) and added to my total makes a new grand total of 1005 Denarii.
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