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  • Why did you make that post, when it was clear all of the sectors had been posted? I'm sorry, but since you we're inactive for a long time, I had to replace you with Ghost. Please delete your post.
    Just to say, the plan for the Guild is:

    Post 1- Guild intro by I-am-the-Peel
    Post 2- Dark Sector Intro by I-am-the-Peel
    Post 3- Psychic Sector Intro by [Ace]Zero
    Post 4- Ghost Sector intro by you
    Post 5- Trade shop by Potatis and MrMuffin123

    I've been trying to create the guild asap with you, me and [Ace] Zero all online to just quickly post the posts but to no avail. I've tried contacting Ragnarok to reserve a post for either you or [Ace] Zero, but he hasn't been on for a while, so I'm unsure what to do.

    Do you think any of the mods could reserve a post?
    Ok, I have two propositions for you; you can either be the Dark Sector Co-Manager (Where you will check through posts relating to the Dark Sector and will notify me when I need to accept new members, prepare for guild battles, make announcements, end squabbles etc., and you'd be able to to have an influence over discussions and have power within the dark sector) or you can be the ghost/psychic sector leader.

    I've suggested this as I know you're a Darkrai fan and also prefer the dark type over all and I didn't want to burden you with responsibility over a sector you didn't even like. Everyone in the guild will now have roles to play and will have to serve the rest of us well. I'm ranking everyone now as I speak, and I'm trying to do this nicely.
    I'm sorry, but dark was my favourite and I love Darkrai. The Dark sector in essence is the catalyst for the formation of the guild, and brings upon the creation of the other sectors. If you'd like, I could have you be my second in command; I'm a really busy person, and could do with someone to be the manager of the sector and inform me of if there are any problems, any newbies wanting to join, anyone who needs art/battles/trades etc. If you're not interested in that, you could be a sector leader of psychic or ghost.
    I will have to check with other members, but I'll have to initiate you first. What sort of Pokemon do you use for battling? As for co-leaders, I need one leader that's good at battling, and another that is good at art. And they each need to lead the psychic and ghost sectors of my guild, since I'll be running dark. I've written up the main story behind the formation of the guild that each three leaders will be using, which I will pm you soon.
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