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Recent content by DarkraiXAlice4ever

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    Guardians from Different Dimensions

    Long ago, a great evil by the name of Onitemna was sealed in a rift between dimensions. Now, Onitemna's serpent servants have been sent all over five dimensions: Aliens/Predator, Pokemon, Digimon, Marvel, and Reality. Five people/aliens/pokemon/digimon/mutants were sent to another dimension...
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    Aegisshipping General Discussion

    (Thinks about that) Kinda reminds me of Phantom of the Opera as well. Let's not get off topic, though.
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    Aegisshipping General Discussion

    Thanks. Thank you! Isn't it sad that Aegisshipping as so little fanfics? I'm writing another one (That is Alice's P.O.V). Soon as I post it, I'll put up the link here. Anyway, why do I love Aegisshipping? Well, it's hard to explain really. I was watching the 10th movie, and started on some...
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    Aegisshipping General Discussion

    This thread must live... http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4108588/1/Where_Are_You Read that fic, it is Aegisshipping;491;. I wrote it.