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Last Activity:
Nov 14, 2010
Aug 13, 2008
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February 18

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Deals and Issues, from Antiterra

DarkRidley was last seen:
Nov 14, 2010
    1. diablo_200525
      Hello Im a friend of blue snover and he said i should probably say hi over here So, uh, hi :D
    2. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      Wow, that sounds so exciting! The temples sound wonderful as well. I'm a history buff and those would be fascinating for me to visit. :D What kind of work did your parents do? Just sounds intriguing ^^.

      I'm gonna have to brush up on my French and my German, then. Ich bin ein Berliner! ;)

      I've always wanted to go to New York, too. I hear it's very different to what I'm accustomed to. :)
    3. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      Rainforests? That sounds BEAUTIFUL! Never been to one before :D. What else is there to do there? It sounds ridiculously fun ^.^

      And wow, did not know there were that many languages in Switzerland! Makes my rudimentary command of Spanish seem rather embarrassing xD.

      Yep, I live in Texas, where the weather changes every day, it never rains often enough, and the taquerias are the best you can find ^^.
    4. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      I reckon I can see that; sounds much like the opposite of my country, which is fun to live in but which is not viewed in a good light by a lot of other countries. :P Switzerland has lots of languages, yes? That's part of what's cool about it, IMO. Languages are fun! Quiero tomar el clase de español el proximo verano. ^_~

      It's cool! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed you had ^_^". What are the neatest places you've visited?
    5. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      Awwwww, thank you for accepting! ^.^

      It sounds lovely, though I guess being a liberal I might not be welcome :P. I'll have to visit sometime! :D

      How's Germany, then? That's a place I've always wanted to visit.
    6. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      Hehe, it's cool. Have you been to Switzerland? What's it like? ^^
    7. .Bambi.
      I see that you like a lot of female pop artists/groups...and you're Male!

      I like that :)
    8. The Doctor
      The Doctor
      Happy birthday.
    9. flameswy
      happy birthday!
    10. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Happy Birthday to you.
      Happy Birthday to you.
      Happy Birthday DarkRidley.
      Happy Birthday to you.
    11. aaron-now
      Happy Birthday!
    12. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      Awwww, sorry for all the snow, then! I hope it warms up soon so that maybe it will be better outside. :D I'm no good at sports either, and as such would rather watch other people play than try meself. :P

      What's "die Schweiz"?
    13. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      Awesome! You go snowboarding? Never been, since my home state never gets snow xD. What's it like? Awwww, hope your bruises get better soon! :D

      I'm doin' great! Got a bit of homework today but all is good. I'm happy I've got a new job ^.^
    14. Miss_Pocket_Monster
      You caught my attention in the HP/Twilight debate, so thought I'd say hello. How are you doing today? :)
    15. Ethan
      *facepalms* I didn't even know it snowed in Switzerland. And yeah, I hate snow too. I'm in Minnesota, and we had a blizzard just yesterday. We had a whole bunch of roads closed off and the whole thing was just a mess. -_-;

      I want to move to Jamaica or some place in the Caribbean. =D Wait...there are hurricanes. Damn. I just can't win. :(
    16. Ethan
      Hahaha, you must be from Britian. "cracking" That word just makes me chuckle. :P

      Please take all of our snow. I don't want it. :(
    17. Ethan
      I always love to see a new face in the debate forum. I've been keeping an eye on you for awhile now and I'll say that I'm glad to have you here. =)
    18. mangaeyes
      The Tings Tings are good fun. They remind me of the B-52s. I love Shut Up and Let Me Go especially.
      Lool! The Ting Tings aren't that awful pop fluff they are Indie!! ^_^ Don't worry its not just you lots of people on that thread have odd views on what pop music is, just that I kinda like The Ting Tings and to hear them be called pop *shudders*
    19. fhqwhgads
      It's like a present for your internet.
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