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  • Wow, that sounds so exciting! The temples sound wonderful as well. I'm a history buff and those would be fascinating for me to visit. :D What kind of work did your parents do? Just sounds intriguing ^^.

    I'm gonna have to brush up on my French and my German, then. Ich bin ein Berliner! ;)

    I've always wanted to go to New York, too. I hear it's very different to what I'm accustomed to. :)
    Rainforests? That sounds BEAUTIFUL! Never been to one before :D. What else is there to do there? It sounds ridiculously fun ^.^

    And wow, did not know there were that many languages in Switzerland! Makes my rudimentary command of Spanish seem rather embarrassing xD.

    Yep, I live in Texas, where the weather changes every day, it never rains often enough, and the taquerias are the best you can find ^^.
    I reckon I can see that; sounds much like the opposite of my country, which is fun to live in but which is not viewed in a good light by a lot of other countries. :p Switzerland has lots of languages, yes? That's part of what's cool about it, IMO. Languages are fun! Quiero tomar el clase de español el proximo verano. ^_~

    It's cool! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed you had ^_^". What are the neatest places you've visited?
    Awwwww, thank you for accepting! ^.^

    It sounds lovely, though I guess being a liberal I might not be welcome :p. I'll have to visit sometime! :D

    How's Germany, then? That's a place I've always wanted to visit.
    Awwww, sorry for all the snow, then! I hope it warms up soon so that maybe it will be better outside. :D I'm no good at sports either, and as such would rather watch other people play than try meself. :p

    What's "die Schweiz"?
    Awesome! You go snowboarding? Never been, since my home state never gets snow xD. What's it like? Awwww, hope your bruises get better soon! :D

    I'm doin' great! Got a bit of homework today but all is good. I'm happy I've got a new job ^.^
    *facepalms* I didn't even know it snowed in Switzerland. And yeah, I hate snow too. I'm in Minnesota, and we had a blizzard just yesterday. We had a whole bunch of roads closed off and the whole thing was just a mess. -_-;

    I want to move to Jamaica or some place in the Caribbean. =D Wait...there are hurricanes. Damn. I just can't win. :(
    Hahaha, you must be from Britian. "cracking" That word just makes me chuckle. :p

    Please take all of our snow. I don't want it. :(
    I always love to see a new face in the debate forum. I've been keeping an eye on you for awhile now and I'll say that I'm glad to have you here. =)
    The Tings Tings are good fun. They remind me of the B-52s. I love Shut Up and Let Me Go especially.
    Lool! The Ting Tings aren't that awful pop fluff they are Indie!! ^_^ Don't worry its not just you lots of people on that thread have odd views on what pop music is, just that I kinda like The Ting Tings and to hear them be called pop *shudders*
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