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  • yes tell me when your back on by vm sorry about not answering you but I forgot your username and my computer won't let me check my pms or go there without kicking me off.
    ok I be ready in about 2 hrs I have only a couple of things left to get done.
    eh....i said manectric, but id guess id prefer a blissey over a manectric xd....so eh...fc and name plz? and eh i just need 2 dive balls, thunderbolt and ice beam, shadow ball, and giga impact tms if u have em xd. lol

    5157 0219 8354
    Sure how is this: togekiss, gardevoir, registeel, kingdra, banette AND blissey for: arceus, shiny rayquaza, and darkrai, zangoose, solrock, and surskit. and sorry about the ho-oh, i'm looking for one with sassy nature, any objects or tm that you want?
    zangoose, solrock, and surskit: kingdra, banette, and manectric?
    and not interested in ho oh anymore? if u are, then id like that blissey plz
    Nope, i think that's enough for the moment... je i will pm you if need something else, so what for the zangoose, solrock, and surskit?
    arceus, shiny rayquaza, and darkrai: togekiss, gardevoir, and registeel.
    ho-oh nature: adamant
    got zangoose, solrock, and surskit....looking for any others?
    hmm....im interested in your sharpedo, blissey, huntail, azumarill, banette, togekiss, kingdra, gardevoir, jolteon, registeel, aerodactyl, armaldo, dodrio, slaking, huntail, and manectric...

    ive been looking for a lv100 togekiss, gardevoir, and registeel >_>
    did i forget to mention that the spare arceus i have is lv100? xD

    as for those other twelve-thirteen...ive got some other legends that you may be interested in, mostly at lv40 and above. ive also got two lv100 feraligatrs, a lv80 gengar, lv62 magmortar, lv60 blaziken, lv49 crobat, lv51 luxray, and now ill expand on those legends i was talking about:

    2 lv40 regular suicunes
    a lv40 and a lv50 raikou
    lv45 lucario
    lv50 heatran
    lv50 shiny rayquaza
    lv70 ho oh
    lv100 azelf
    lv100 giratina
    (the others i have you already listed as those you have lv100s of, thus i didnt think you'd be interested in them.)
    ive also got some starters, a few shinies, and a few events i can part with.
    so...any suit your fancy? o.o
    ive got a lv50 event darkrai with roar of time and spatial rend....what lv100s do you have and what level is that shaymin? also ive got a spare arceus if ur looking for that too
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