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  • Achieved my shiny Houndour! A girl, with early bird (though sending her to my ultra moon file I will switch her to flash fire with one of my last couple of ability capsules). 5 perfect i.v.'s and modest. New problem: What pokemon best represents pestilence??? (I'm thinking shiny alolan muk? or just shiny Muk?)
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    Or you could go with something resembling the horseman of pestilence from the horsemen of the apocalypse.
    Or something that's a dangerous pest in real life, like the cane toad or locust.
    Hatched a shiny Yamask boy today!! Premier ball, nasty plot egg move, modest nature... Probably only took around 1,000 eggs to get him too! Only ended up with 10x perfect 6 i.v. yamasks and only kept another 10x of the perfect 5's for trading. Now to get back to breeding an old failed shiny project, either the houndoom, or the third horsemen of the pokemon apocalypse...
    Must admit, I'm still a little disappointed with pokemons new direction. I havent bought a new game since ultra moon, and I wont until I get all the pokemon back in a single game. All of my shiny breeding, and more than half are unable to migrate. Plus a formidable re-entry cost...
    Shiny Mareep obtained!! Male, named him "Short" (as in circuit). Modest, dusk ball :3 Taking a break from shiny breeding to EV train!!
    LF: Blacephelon. Just need it for my Dex in UM, so dont care what it is, nature, etc., so long as it's legit (no clones, hacks, RNG, gameshark, fakeymon of any kind please and thank you)
    However, if you have a Shiny Blacephelon with a neutral nature or Modest nature, I'd be willing to trade much cooler pokemon for it. Again, so long as it's not a fakeymon of any kind. I dont cheat, in any way, and cant abide cheating in any way. I like to work for what I have and value the sense of earning what I have. I know, I know, I'm old school... But hey, I'm about to turn 36, whaddaya expect???
    It's a Shiny male level 1 Modest nature I believe. I just wish the IVs had been better otherwise I would not part with it :D. Anyway I am a little confused on what yer offering but we can work that out
    Dual-slot mode (Japanese: ダブルスロット double-slot), often called the Dongle method, is one of the many ways that players of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum can obtain Pokémon that are outside of the Sinnoh Pokédex, especially Pokémon that are exclusive to other regions, by using the GBA games of the series as dongles for the DS games. However, due to the removal of the GBA slot, dual-slot mode is not available if using a Nintendo DSi.

    The majority of Pokémon that can be obtained in this way are in some way version-exclusive Pokémon to one of the Generation III games. With one of the five Game Boy Advance games inserted into the GBA slot of a Nintendo DS while playing either Diamond or Pearl, players will be able to find Pokémon not otherwise available in Generation IV in certain areas of Sinnoh, but only after they have unlocked the ability to use Pal Park as well. One does not need to have the game in their GBA slot the whole time; one just needs to have it in at the main screen, at which time one can simply take the cartridge out, as long as one doesn't turn the power off before catching the Pokémon.

    Unlike Pal Park, dual-slot mode is not language locked; any language Generation III game can be in the bottom slot for any language Generation IV game, meaning that a Japanese FireRed can activate wild Elekid in the Valley Windworks in an English Diamond, while an English Emerald can activate wild Teddiursa on Route 211 in a Japanese Platinum.

    All of these Pokémon have an 8% chance of appearing in the listed area when the correct GBA game is inserted, except in areas where two appear at once for the same game (the rate is then 4% for each).

    Source Bulbapedia immma traitor!
    I apologize for the trade. I could not get a connection for the next 2 days. Then my g/f needed to get to Idaho (from Washington) so I had to get her to the airport. She's gone now, I still have the Darkrai, and would love to trade but I need to find a place with a better connection.
    So, if you wanna do this as much as I do, please message me back so we can get this show on the road! heh
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