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  • YAY! I got to Route 224, and I caught Shaymin! Then, I flew over to Floroama Town for the Gracidea or is it Gracidia :\, and it turned into Sky Forme!. Have you noticed the Girl's outfit who follows you? She looks like she's a runaway from Jail o_O. LOL, i woke up EXTRA early to get the letter. Then, I have to delete a Wonder card for upcoming events. :) lol okay, I'll let you guys get back. Bye!
    Hey Skull-Kid! Thanks for welcoming me to Serebii Forums! :) And to you, Welcome to my page! I love Serebii Forums, so much pokemon :D
    ~DarkSilver/DSLugia The New Lugia ;249;
    Lol, Hey it's meh, DarkSilver. And, I'm back and i just wanted to show this cool pikachu face : 。◕‿‿◕。 hee hee. Well, that's all i wanted to show ya guys. See ya later alligator, in a while totodile :)
    Hey! You've reached DarkSilver (please, call meh DSLugia :) ) I'm in a VERY pokemon mood :D Arceus has been officially released, and the news of HeartGold SoulSilver! It's gonna be my first time in Johto :D woot! So... I guess thats it :)
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