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  • Dude! I'm 23 too! I bet I'm older. Haha. Its not everyday you get to meet someone your age who plays Pokemon nowadays.. Considering we're along our mid-twenty..

    Likewise. I think Black and White 2 not the original (B&W) are the most engaging generation so far.. But before that, my favourite was Gen 2's Crystal Version.. I just like how we can travel to Johto and Kanto conveniently.. It was such a long journey too! The remakes was ok though.. It was nice to see Gold & Silver in a much better graphic and with the new Pokemon..

    That settles it dude! I'm getting Pokemon X. I like Xerneas majestic aura more so than the ferocious vibes I get from Yveltal. Who knows though maybe Xerneas might be defense oriented whilst Yveltal turns out an all out attacker.. Dude trade me a Skrelp! That's the only disappointment with getting version X.. I want Skrelp instead of Clauncher..

    At the moment I'm more inclined on using Fennekin.. I like its design more than the other two.. But the anime of Froakie acting like a ninja frog is giving me a second thought.. I hate frogs and when the news of starters for X & Y was revealed I dismissed Froakie's appearance. I thought meh its a frog! But if it turns out ninja-esque I might choos it instead. Hopefully it doesn't turn out like Oshawott where it was Samurai-esque till the second stage but had 180 degree changed of appearance! Like a bipedal became quadruped.. I don't want Fennekin becoming bipedal too! I have no say towards Chespin but who knows, he might turn out to be much cooler and sleek looking than the other two.. So yeah holding on to their final form.

    I don't really mind their stats.. As long as I like their appearance same goes to the Pokemon I choose for my party..
    Do you have any Pokes planned for your team? As for me, I will definitely have Skrelp. Then maybe Vivillon, as I like to use new bug type Pokemon and Bunnelby.. I find the new mystery Pokemon interesting too! Hoping for its revelation soon!

    But if Surskit ends up in the regional Kalos dex of course it has an automatic slot for my team!
    Which version are you getting? So are you set on choosing Chespin? Which other pokes are you considering for your team?

    Hey I've been a fan since Pokemon franchise began! So I guess you're around middle 20's?
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