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  • I was on awhile ago...but now I just got back in and...lmao I just saw your profile. *sends a friend request*
    To be honest, I actually do. Do you have one? Well anyway, if you're wanting to add me, you're mostly gonna be the fourth person in this site to ever see me in reality...first three peeps to see my profile were Neku, Metamence, and Andy.
    Really...wow. And I myself have been brawling people online, in which most of my opponents are older than me (mostly juniors). It's fine...nothing happens if someone is inactive on the club so it's all good.
    What grade are you in? o.o Plus there's nothing to worry about...there's been a few inactive members anyway (most of then with 0 points...the club has a ranking system). The link to the club is in my signature...just read the everything on the first post :]
    I'm a freshman in high school so I'm in the 9th grade...ummm yeah lol XD All right, I'll just send you a message when I'm getting online. Oh yeah I almost forgot...would you like to join the Brawl club in these forums?
    Homecoming dance...seriously??? I'd have to wait till I'm a junior to participate in proms >.< Okay the only times I'm online are on Fridays and the weekends...and since we live in the same timezone, I'll be going online after 6 or 7 pm tomorrow so hope to see you on! :]
    I've been great...been kinda playing a lot of Brawl recently (I've been fighting so many opponents mostly from youtube and here on SPPf). The least to say I've gotten a lot better these past few weeks :] I've even beaten Metamence a small amount of times when it comes to 3-4 player clashes (although I still get pwned by him and Neku when it's one-on-one brawls). But yeah...how've you been doing?
    what group did Ceecee-typhlosion come from huh? both of u dont have the same groups and blackcharizard1168 didnt even join a single group!
    i have a question...why are u adding my friends!? like ceecee-typhlosion and black charizard1168 etc! u dont even know them and can u get ur own friends!?
    ok the ssbb team brawl tourney is re-rescheduled! it is on 5:00 pm pacific time/gmt 7.DONT MISS IT!!if u miss this the whole ssbb swordsman pwners will be disapointed with u!DONT MISS IT! FRIDAY,5:00 PM GOT IT?
    Okay Krow it's been re-scheduled. The tourney begins on Friday, August 15th at 3:00 pm GMT -7 (I'm pretty sure you live in my time zone because Metamence told me you live in Las Vegas so yeahhh). I beg you...please don't miss it this time!!! T_____T
    What she said but more angrier! >_<
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