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  • And let's not forget about Tia's fraccion just chopping off her arms (lulz, I was reminded of that in the BLEACH club) Holy Crap, I wonder if Kite has an arm collection somewhere.....
    Yeah but on the bright side she has a super-human poison that made Szayel happy...at first. And not to mention, I would kill for her hand-to-hand combat, and her outfit but that's another story for another day. -shot-

    I LOVE HIYORI, SHE WAS JUST EPIC ON HOW SHE TREATED OTHERS. Like kicking Ichigo way into the dirt making a crater, and then yelling at him for being "hollow boy" or something like that. And how she abuses others <333. Everyone likes Hiyori, it's like the universal character everyone likes in BLEACH...or it should XD;

    OMG SOIFON'S ARM WAS JUST, WTH. Damn, Orihime is going to have a lot of work cut out for her -cuts to little scene in my head-
    Orihime: WHAT THE HELL, I LEAVE FOR THREE SECONDS AND THIS HAPPENS. I have to make another half of a persons body, revive three dead women, give a girl back her arm, revive an espada, and heal Mashiro...a person who doesn't like me, oh and let's not forget about Rangiku's abdomen, and Momo's bones. You know what? <censored> all of you Shingami and evil people, I'm going for ice cream.

    If Orihime did that I would love, and hate her at the same time.

    And yes, Kite [what I call him when I am not pleased at him] is getting a lot more violent. Disingration, Rangiku's stomach being taken out, all of Momo's bones breaking, Mashiro beating the crap out of WW, and then WW winning. Etc. Damn, BLEACH is turning into a westren bar brawl -bricked-

    It was my understanding that Ichigo started the fashion of your right arm missing? But now, I think it was Yammy. :x

    I think I'll call Yammy Yam-Yam now. XD;


    my vm is longer. ):

    Oh and this

    Ulquiorra is the fourth Espada to have lost an arm and the second to lose it to Ichigo. (The first was Yammy, and the other two are Grimmjow and Nnoitra, both Espada who also fought Ichigo, though they were not fighting him when they lost their arms.)
    He is amusing, and insane. But I just really hated how he treated Nemu when he faced Uryu. I was like, "WTF IS WTF!" poor her, she gets kicked by him, slashed by him, slammed against the wall, etc. ;______________;

    I'm good, still a bit angry over Aizen and what he did to Hiyori [sorry if you don't like spoilers XD;]. I just love her and her attidute and how she got...split and then Gin. [Btw, I am a major Gin fan <333333333333 ASDFGHJKL, he's so hot {is boy crazy (and a boy, orz)}] . He's so lucky I forgave him, but SHE'S SO AWESOME ;___________________;
    Hey~ I decided to start up a random conversation with you about BLEACH. [which will quickly derail to Szayel because I was going to ask a question about him but can't remember. He's an epic character, but I'm a Nemu Fan and it sorta hurt me to see what he did to her. But then again, Mayuri showed some sort of respect for her so regained some cool points. Oh, and killing the Gothic Lolita deserves some epic points even though I liked her too -ramble-]

    But yeah feel free to squee about him here in this convo XD;

    But otherwise how are you? :3
    Is currently thinking XD
    Nah, is actually, urm, well, installing it.

    I don't know though. I might be online less and less often, from now on.

    edit... Wait, what's your ID? :D
    yeah i do. i had one like for specidically for like people from here or the net but cbf going on that one anymore ill pm you my normal one
    Hey, how are you? :D

    I read your convo with Arceus no I'm not stalking you and do you mind if I join in with the hilarity? If you guys don't mind, that it.
    Nah, nothing club-wise, just... I dunno. I feel sad sometimes that's all :D
    *takes cookies* It's delicious, thanks XD

    I'll think about MSN.
    Haha, how've you been?

    Um, no, I haven't got MSN. I don't even know how it looks like >.<
    But I have YM. Why?
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