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  • Yo cheers for accepting the friend request dude :) do you have any files on 4th/5th gen at all? If I ever get mine up to speed and make a team I'd love to battle you someday!
    Yo, thanks a ton for that Shedinja tip.. I'm not going to use a Shedinja to damage Kyogre -- I want to use Sonicboom with Magneton because that's the safest way to know exactly how much damage I'm doing, I can do the maximum amount of damage possible with no risk of KOing it via a Critical Hit or something -- but this makes my life way simpler. I'll just start off with Magneton, paralyze Kyogre, swap out to Shedinja until all of Kyogre's Hydro Pumps are gone, swap back to Magneton, Sonicboom as much as necessary.. and then it's just a matter of chucking Timer Balls, with Shedinja there able to keep me alive as long as necessary. Awesome tip, I didn't even think of Shedinja, thanks a ton
    Not as bad as I thought, thank God... Thanks for asking! There was one question everybody messed up, but our teacher took that out of the final mark for everybody because of that :)
    Why you dont rate on other gens? Like in 4th, 5th gen. You have potential to be one of the best raters.
    There is an annoying guy there, though...

    Oh, im still not on college. This will be my last year on school, though, so i will be begin to "think about it" xD
    Hehe, im happy youre back. You used to rate at 3rd geh IGRMT, but ive just came to sppf when 3rd gen wasnt that appealing anymore. But i liked your rates! I learned a lot from it!

    What youre studying, Darth?
    Yeah. Not to mention that in 3rd Gen The elemental punchs are all special, and you can't suggest them for a Aggron for example, but in 4th/5th Gen you can suggest them freely for anything that packs a high Atk. It's hard :p
    You learned everything from PO?
    I usually try to rate in all Gens, what is hard for me is rate in Gen 3. The major difference betwhen 3rd gen and 4th/5th gen leaves me crazy ^^
    Also, if you are specialized in 3rd gen, i doubt you can't rate in 4 and 5 IGRMTs ^^
    Great! XD
    My favourite Star Wars movie is also Episode III. And I love all six movies very much.
    Is there any Star Wars movie you don't like very much?
    No problem and thanks for accepting my friend request! :)
    I don't have any particular place where I hang often.
    Are you a Star Wars fan (your name suggests it)?
    I definitely am and a big fan too.
    I, sir, love what you just said about Kouki Saitou's illustrations on the booster pack thread. He is my favorite artist from the Pokemon artists, close behind is Kagemaru.
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