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  • Wow, awesome Espeon. Would you like anything better in return for it? And for the Reshiram that Zekrom is fine in return. Would you like the Reshiram Modest or Timid?
    No go with F9426F72. You might have to rush into the game to hit a delay of 567 and you'll probably mess up a lot if you're rushing.
    Sorry if I'm confusing you but if you set max delay to a 2000 in PokeRNG you should see F9426F72 <-- That's another modest flawless PID and the corresponding seed has delay 638. It has lower frames than the one you chose so I'm saying it might be better but the problem is that 638 delay. I'm not sure how low your HGSS calibration is. 638 might be too low for you I'm not sure.

    EDIT: I don't know where my head is. Around 500 is the normal delay on HGSS, 600 in DPPt so you should be good with that PID above (F9426F72).
    Set Max delay to 2000 in PokeRNG. You should get a Modest flawless seed with that PID and K(sync) 260, Method 1 frame (327). So yes it there's a seed with that PID that works for stationaries. Idk if 260 is too high for you but imo 260 is alright.

    And I'm not sure what method the Sinoh Ruins Pokemon are. Check the most generations thread on smogon. And it's no problem. :)

    EDIT: The other modest flawless PIDs have lower K(sync)/Method 1 frames so perhaps you should change your use one of the other modest PIDs instead.

    EDIT: Actually NVM. The others only have really low/high delays so the one you picked is probably the best out of the 3 modest flawless PIDs.
    I don't which seed you're talking about. There are many seeds with that PID (685011A9). If PokeRNG gives you a K(sync)/K(no sync) frame then it works for the stationaries. If there's also a method 1 frame it works for roamers too.

    EDIT: The best seed I could find with that PID and flawless IVs is: 1301047B
    It has delay 1136 and the K(sync) frame is 260.
    Oh, I see what you mean. They have different times. You need to use seed to times to find the time to hit the seed.
    No I've never really had that problem before. What's the PID you want shiny?

    And yes 5000+ is necessary. Your ID/SID isn't generated until you click off all that writing off the screen and end up in front of the TV.

    When the second timer ends you should click off the writing off the screen. Use the beeps from the timer as a guide. I believe the default is 6 beeps before the timer reaches 0. EonTimer also has a visual mode if you prefer flashing colors instead of beeps.
    Yes, the far left box is used to generate the ID/SIDs that make that PID shiny. The far right box is used to figure out what delay you're hitting based on the ID/SID that you get. You'll use that to adjust the timer so you can get closer to the correct delay. The middle box is not necessary. Also the seed (hex) is not needed.
    Well there's 2 uses for Pandora's box. A) To get a cool ID like 00001, 11111 etc. B) To find an ID that makes a specific PID shiny

    B) is what you want to do so you need to search and find a seed/PID first.Then enter the PID into Pandora's box and it'll generate ID/SID combos that make that PID shiny.
    Just search for hex flawless in PokeRNG (RNG reporter is slower). All you need is a difference of 160 between min and max delay and PokeRNG will return every possible result. The natures are Modest, Timid, Docile and Calm.

    Btw, you get the same seeds regardless of how high you extend the max delay. The advantage of higher max delay is that you get lower frames which is good if you can hit your delay within a few (about 10) tries or if you don't want to count too high.
    Yes you can reuse seeds as many times as you want and there are 3 methods for gen 4. Method J is the main method used in DPPt, method K is for HGSS and method 1 is for roamers and some other special exceptions.

    No they are not at all similar to gen 5. In gen 4 IVs and PIDs are linked for wild Pokemon. There isn't a separate PIDRNG. It's just 1 RNG. This means not all IV/nature combinations are possible in gen 4 and gen 4 has less seeds than gen 5. Gen 4 is similar to gen 5 c-gear.
    I don't know why people are acting like this, and that VM was unfair. I enjoy hearing of the success of all the people in the thread as they complete RNG projects they have wanted, such as your shiny (are they flawless too?) legends, and if someone that doesn't RNG views the thread, they don't have the right to go out against the people that do, especially since they don't know what it's like. If they don't want to RNG, why are they in the thread? Congrats on anything that you've gotten since my last visit to the thread.
    ID/SID only affects shininess. If you want shiny flawless/near flawless wild Pokemon/legendaries in gen 4 you should probably RNG your ID/SID. It's way more important in gen 4 than in gen 5.
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