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  • The Golem trio appear in Platinum if you have the Event Level 100 Regigias which is pretty common. It's one of the few 4th gen events that doesn't have a Classic Ribbon, so it can also be found on the GTS.
    i don't like that the best i can hope for is 487/493 because i am a latecomer and missed events, don't have R/S/E or a DSlite and do not get in store events near me
    You don't need events to get event pokemon.

    You can always trade.

    Between Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver, (With multiple playthroughs if need be), every Legendary Pokemon that isn't event exclusive is available as well as every starter, and the vast majority of other Pokemon. Of course the Pokewalker makes even MORE available!

    And if you want to get events without going to events and without trading, all of the Pokemon Ranger games (well at least Ranger I and II) allow you to transfer a Manaphy egg over. Breed Manaphy with Ditto and you can get Phione.

    And if you fill My Pokemon Ranch, a Wii Ware title compatible only with Diamond/Pearl, up with 999 Pokes, you can get a Mew.
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