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  • Oh heeeeey it's sure been a long time. Lots of stuff must've changed these last several years. I bet you just had a mission not that long ago. How was your experience?

    I never actually did say where I was from, but nope, not California (thank goodness for that, honestly).
    I did! I got back 4 months ago. It was awesome. I was in California, so that was cool!And I agree, haha. It was awesome to be there, but I couldn't live my life there. It's super expensive. I'm actually moving to Utah next month to go to school.
    Kutie Pie
    Kutie Pie
    That's cool. Where in California did you serve?
    I'm glad! I've been doing well, I'm finding chinese 101 and asia in the 21st century to be my easiest classes. :) sociology and anthro less so.
    Classes with friends always make them more enjoyable, plus you can work together on things which is nice. How's school so far for you?
    Yeah, I miss it too man, it was good times

    I'm sorry you were in such bad health but I'm glad you're getting better! Nip school in the butt and succeed! I've just gotten back to uni a couple days ago and I started working again tonight so I'm up til 5 am as security :p
    I'm mostly on dragon's den xat, I've been good going to college again in 4 days, psyched to be headed back! :) how have you been.

    I talked to mom a few months ago, I hadn't heard from her in years and accidentally but dialed her. We talked to a bit, she lost her serebii password but she's doing really well. In college on a scholarship and doing really great things for her community. So she's doing well if you were wondering.
    Howdy, long time no see! :3 How have you been doing?

    And as you can see, I'm still rocking the new username, as I completely forgot about the April name change topic, so Puffle will have to wait. T-T
    Lmao i went to new york and I have a service trip to Nicaragua next month. Haha me and some friends are planning a coast to coast road trip after graduation next year so maybe then! And lol my parents are indian and believe in arranged marriage. I know how you feel about keeping secrets :)
    Yea? Congrats dude! I stalked you two on facebook Haha jk. Forreal though that's awesome. The longest relationship I've ever been in was 3 months. You planning on going anywhere before school starts up again?
    lol why does everyone think I died? You're like the fifth person this month to say that on forums
    I have a small list to watch which includes:

    Cowboy Bebop
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Avatar: The Last Airbender
    The Legend of Korra
    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Attack on Titan
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