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Aug 12, 2018
Feb 25, 2011
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Aug 12, 2018
    1. suomynona
      I would like it more if I had more friends in my neighborhood. I would rather go to school anyways, espesially for highschool as I am going to a technical highschool, to live my dream of making a video game and stuff.

      I am going to 8th grade school to make more friends and all that.
    2. Sweet May
      Sweet May
      Yeah same. I never kept track with the timezone the judges run through so when I actually changed my timezone to GMT, my entries were already 7 mins late! Horrible. xD
    3. suomynona
      Awesome, though I can't wait to actualy go to school next year.
    4. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      Thats fine. You can still join if you want to later on.
    5. Sweet May
      Sweet May
      Thank you very much. ^^ I'll do my best for the next one!

      Good luck in the next round too!
    6. rval74
      Oh, sorry, i've been in the chat Dx
    7. Lazorchu!!
      *huff* Because I am lazy and I don't like finding stuff that's only for my Dex in the wild and the fact that I can easily obtain one for an Infernape that I've never touched. Besides, I like the GTS. It lets me get Japanese or other languages and I have more floors and inhabitants in the Unity Tower. Also, I really have to connect with my friends; everyone left my Black City! It's seriously gone now! I have no main house in the center of town anymore!
    8. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE

      10 Flaming Magikarps
    9. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      We would split responsibilities ranging from evaluating battlers to disciplinary actions. Its nothing too massive since we'll split it. I also have a veteran that I recruited from OO. He'll take some of it too.
    10. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      I'm pretty sure Vader told me that if I wanted to come back (including all the Garbodors) that after a while, we would be reverted back to our old ranks, if that makes you feel more safe about leaving.
    11. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      Thats fine. Take your time.
    12. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      You know, I'm looking for a Co-Leader...
    13. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      OMFG!!!!! Its amazing!!!!! Thank you!!!
    14. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      My clan is set up :D Can you make me a banner with Entei and Groudon with erupting volcanoes behind them? Oh and make it say Burning Earth on it.
    15. Dasdardly
      Oooooh that! owo lol. Last month or so I saw about six people switch their avatar to shiny Gardevoir when I had changed mine 2~3 days prior. I just haven't bothered to change it.
    16. Dasdardly
      I don't know? ._. Could you quote something or just give me an idea what you're talking about?
    17. Aquanova
      nope not really nice to meet yu
    18. BynineB
      . . . . .

    19. DarumakkaImposter
    20. DarumakkaImposter
      uuhh...pyros devian art?


      ill upload it to mine real quick
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