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  • Thanks for reading. I hear ya on the busy week, glad you're feeling better. Oh yeah? Nice, good for you! And thanks, its good to be back my friend.
    Not going to lie, I did think about it. But the current chapter is halfway done, the spark is back, I'm ready to go. Thanks for checking up on me.
    Hey dude...yeah, awhile has been an understatement. It's been a rough couple of months (two grandparents passed away and been working my butt off) but things are finally turning around, so hopefully soon!
    Hey Dash!

    Its been a while, and I'm sure you're very busy, but I would greatly appreciate a review of The Sevii Islands Saga- there are only three chapters left and we are at the climax!
    Hey bro, hows life treating you?

    Havent seen you around The Sevii Islands Saga in a while. You still reviewing?
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