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Recent content by dash142

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    Hey man you still on the site? Just wondering

    Hey man you still on the site? Just wondering
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    Ash's new rival

    Hopefully we get someone like Barry again. I wouldn't mind it being a girl instead though, to make it different.
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    The Elite 4 appearing in the anime?

    They didn't even appear in-game until you faced them, other than Diantha. & even then she didnt really do much... hopefully they replace her appearances in-game with Cynthia. (You know she'll pop up again anyways lol)
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    This seems pretty interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    Started with Froakie, beat Shauna's fennekin in like 2 hits, caught a fletchling and a bunnelby which I traded for the Farfecth'd. Grinded my fletchling up, and Froakie. Battled the gym, Froakie got ko'd (sad face) by Vivillion after Fletchling took down surskit, so I brought Fletchling back in...
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    Arrow is pretty great, much better than Smallville too haha. The action scenes are amazing, you'd think you were watching a movie. I just got season 1 on blu-ray, gonna marathon it a week before season 2 starts finally.
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    White 2 Team

    Well here's my team so far... I need help deciding what to get as the final member and their future moves. I am about to take on Clay's gym. Sevine lv. 29 Adamant Nature (56 Atk, 44 Sp Atk Hold item: Miracle Seed/Big Root Leaf Tornado Slam Mega Drain Leech Seed Magnemite lv. 29 Bold...
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    #559 Scraggy / #560 Scrafty

    Just looking for a male scraggy with shed skin or moxie, no other real requirements other than it being under lv. 20, I just want to get one for my team as soon as possible on White 2 and I only just got the 1st badge. PM if you have one to spare...
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    #610 Axew / #611 Fraxure / #612 Haxorus

    Just looking for a regular Axew, nothing special I just started White 2 and wanted to get all my Pokemon for my team as soon as possible. Like a low level one hatched from an egg, not the level you catch them at. Just PM me if you're willing to trade
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    Fic ideas V.2

    Yeah I guess 30 is too many probably. I think it was 10? in yugioh? And yeah I wasn't sure if that would be enough or I needed more of a conflict. I guess I will try to figure out a conflict to add that would make sense.
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    Fic ideas V.2

    Guess I'll post the first idea for 2013... Battle Island? Like Duelist Kingdom, but trainers start off with one starter Pokémon (not necessarily the starter Pokemon but a baby or basic Pokémon. There is almost every type of terrain on the island, and almost every type of Pokémon. Contestants...
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    Hey finally read the new chapter, I've been sick this week and had 2 tests to do. Other than...

    Hey finally read the new chapter, I've been sick this week and had 2 tests to do. Other than that I've been good since last time we talked, and even started talking to a pretty cool girl and went out with her a couple of times. Glad your finally back!
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    Damn that was a good chapter, and I wonder what will happen now that John and Gabe know about Jordan.... and that Meghan knows about Gabe hahaha Glad your back dude and sorry about your family once again. edit: Whoo I finally got to Morty!!
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    Well that's great news then, and I hadn't even realized it had been 8? months already. I could...

    Well that's great news then, and I hadn't even realized it had been 8? months already. I could have sworn you posted a chapter in the spring but I guess I was thinking of last year or something... good thing I checked again.
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    Fic ideas V.2

    Cipher's main goal in the games is world domination as well as making the strongest Pokemon. And yeah Team Shadow is supposed to be the distraction. They basically are threatening the populace with Kyogre and Groudon's powers once they get them. They tell the former grunts that they want what...